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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 11th November 2015 Written Update

Maddy makes fun of Manik but Manik also answers and doesnot hold anything back. Manik says him to back off but Maddy says that Manik was so insecure that he went to the manager. When the students come to know of the faceoff between Manik and Maddy they come running followed by the rest of the members of fab5.
The members of fab5 go with Manik and Dhruv also teases Maddy then the real faceoff begins and both Manik and Maddy begin to play the guitar and try to prove that they are better then eachother. Suddenly Maddy’s guitar breaks down and he blames it on fab5. Manik makes fun of him and he says that he will be back and leaves angrily. Nandhani goes after him while he is destroying the things that get in his way. Nandhni stops him but he tries to Manhandle her and then he goes away.
Mukti and the rest of them are saying that they had a fun day and are drinking. They all agree that they showed Maddy what they are capable off and start drinking. Manik says that they have to practice because they have a performance tomorrow. Mukti suggests the name of Aryaman for the drummer but Manik rejects and says that he will do the drummer and Dhruv will have to take the guitar but will have to do it on his own. Then he takes them to the practice.
Mukti and Naviya where Mukti is holding Air and they are waiting for them representatives of the adoption. Mukti says that they will not come but suddenly there is a knock on the door on which point Naviya takes Abir and forces Mukti to go and see who is on the door. Mukti goes and calls them in and when she explains them their duties the female companion is not satisfied and so talks it out with the male and after their discussion they agree that they will do anything for Abir.
The manager of the sponsor is making the arrangements for the performance when Maddy steps in and offers to play for free to which the manager cannot resist and he accepts the offer. After Maddy leaves the manager is asked f he will cancel the contract of fab5 but he says that will do no such thing and both of them will perform with some time interval between their performance.
Manik and Nandhani are in the car. Nandhani is constantly asking questions to Manik as to where they are going but Manik requests her to be patient and says that he will tell her when they get there. When they get to an old cinema with an old movie playing nandhani gets happy as it was on her wish list but when Manik gets out he gets a little dizzy and so Nandhani rushes to his help.

Precap: Fab5 are standing in the hall where Dhruv recognizes Maddy’s voice and Mukti says that they were only called to be ridiculed. Manik gets angry and goes on the stage to stop Maddy’s performance and they both are about to fight.

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