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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 10th November 2015 Written Update

Manik says to Nandhani that since she has promised he will also promise something and says that from now on he will not leave her. He then calls her to dance and they both begin meanwhile Aryaman begins to read a novel but is not comfortable in doing so and keeps on thinking about something.
Aaliy is playing her piano in her room where Harshad comes and after standing for a while he says to Aaliya if she is passionate about fashion why do Music. Aaliya says that fashion was her passion but music was and will be her love. He begins to say a lot to her about how fab5 never gave her the chance to sing but she doesnot listen and says that she will drown with the fab5 than to be with him. Harshad says that he will always be with her and that the food is on the table.
Aryaman is talking with Maddy and is trying to convince him that he should not mess with the fab5 and try to be calm. Maddy says that he will do what he wishes and will not listen to anyone and further says that he will also perform on the same song. Aryaman tries to convince Maddy that he should watch and not mess with the fab5. Maddy says that to tell Manik that there can be only one lion in the wild.
Naviya is holding her head because of the pain where Mukti comes shouting and doesnot listen but Naviya gets angry and says to her to stop on this Mukti gets on her feet and asks for her forgiveness where Naviya that Mukti will have to do anything which Naviya says. Naviya then makes her sit down and makes her hair and after seeing them Mukti runs out of the house. Naviya is telling Nandhnai about what she did with Mukti and Nndhani gets happy and asks her if she took a picture. Nandhani then asks her about when the new people will come to their house and if she and Mukti will be able to manage. Naviya then says that they will know what type of people they are and if they are fir for Abir. Naviya says that after Manik Nandhani is ignoring Aryaman and so Nandhani decides to call him but he does not pick up the call, Nandhani gets disheartened
Manik goes to the sponsers and makes them end their deal with Maddy and sign a new one with the fab5 to which they also agree and so Manik leaves.
Madddy is training in the gym where he gets the call from the sponsors saying that they have ended the deal Maddy at once asks them if they were told by Manik and when the manager is not able to answer Maddy gets angry and shuts the call.
Aaliya goes to Dhruv who is very tensed and sitting on the stairs there she tells him about Varhuns philosophy but he gets angry and asks her to keep away from Vahun and whilst they are talking they get a call from Manik who asks them to come t the jam room where they have to practice.
Maddy is walking when he hears the music and is about to head for the room at which point Harshad stops him and starts to taunt him but Maddy gets angry and says that if Harshad comes in front of him again then he will not be seen in the academy.

Precap: Nandhani and Manik get out of the car but Manik does not feel so good and Nandhani after seeing that he is not well gets tensed and calls hi.

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