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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 10th December 2015 Written Update

Manik and Nandhani are in the jam room where Manik is practicing when Mukti and Aaliya walk in. Manik sees them and says that he knows that they miss Dhruv and also knows that they are handicapped without Cabir. Manik says that they cannot lose hope like this and have to win because if they lose he will come back and will feel that it is his fault.
Manik says that when he was not there Dhruv performed with the band and kept it together and when he is not here Manik will keep the band intact. Manik says that they will make him proud and he will not be embarrassed and they will make this event the biggest that they and can do. Manik also says that before fab5 he had the band of brothers and they were three of them and they did it and so they can also do it, he further says that they will top Jd’s qualifying round.
They all get their hands in when Nandhani also comes and they all hug.
Mukti says that she feels that Nandhani has to leave because they have to practice and so does she and that they cannot do it in front of her, Nandhani also agrees to this.
Manik and the rest of them start practicing and they feel happy.
Jd gets on the stage and says that some of them have made a lot of name in this industry but says that now things will change. He says that the first performance will be of Harshad.
Harshad gets up but sits with Mukti pretending to tie his shoes and sys that he knew where se went on the night of Diwalie and what will happen f Manik came to know of this.
He heads on and performs and after him on by one everyone performs. When Nandhani comes she sings an amazing song but when she looks at Jd he is very angry.
Then the fab 5 members perform solo and after it is complete they come together as a band. Manik seems stressed and then they sit where Jd is looking and waiting for them.

Precap: Muki asks as to why they are they calling it fab5 there are only three of them to which Manik gets angry and Aaliya says that she needs time and leaves followed by Mukti. Manik gets amazed to see them leave.
Jd says that those who think that they are better are actually not. He says that they will have the results after one hour and after the time everyone starts to get the massege that they have qualified but when the members of fab5 get the message they are shocked to which Nandhani asks as to what happened.

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