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Kahani Hamari 13th June 2016 Written Update

Gauri checks her event management company uniform and finds it very short. She asks her colleague if she can get leggings or some long dress. Colleague says no. She goes to manager and says she is uncomoftable in short dress and needs different one. Manager shouts. Trusting who is sitting there asks to calm down. Manager says Gauri agreed to all his terms and now is showing tantrums. Gauri walks out sadly. Trustee follows her and encourages her with his moral gyaan. She agrees to wear dress.

Ahan’s dad comes his room and asks if he is going to his selected college or not. Ahan says yes. Dad happily says at least now he accept his decision and says he transferred 5 lakhs into his account, he should buy some proper clothes and not attend college intro party in rockstar clothes. He says he will go the way he likes. Dad warns him to make friends carefully and not make mistake like he did with Shivin, warns Shivin will also be there and he not befriend him again. Ahan says he knows what to do and does not need his teachings. Dad says he canot misbehave with him like this and changes topic to Ahan’s mom and says she ran away without caring about him and did not even inform where she is. Ahan gets sad and standing reminiscing dad’s words and news about his mom’s elopement with someone and Shivin’s betrayal.

Gauri gets ready in uniform. Her colleague says college intro party happens in trustee’s house and they have to go there in 20 min. Gauri asks where. Colleague says Raichand House. Gauri gets tensed thinking how her mother will react seeing her there.

Party starts. Gauri stands aside with colleague greeting students. Students get busy taking selfies with each other. Gauri comments they are so fake, it is good she did not get admission on this college. Colleague says they are in India’s most prestigious college and are filthy rich. Shivin comes down wearing white tuxedo. Kia also comes and greets him. Reporters throng them and start clicking pics. Other girls try to speak with Shivin, but Kia interferes and says Shivin is her fiance now and they should look somewhere. Ahan enters wearing black tuxedo. Girls discuss that he is arrogant and does not mingle. One of below average looking girl says he will fall for her beauty. They bet 50,000 rs. Ahan walks ignoring below aver looking girl and she fumes in anger. Shivin gets happy seeing him. He pushes Shivin and walks away and thinks Shivin did a big mistake by making him enemy.

Precap: Precap will be added soon.

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