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Kaala Teeka 9th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Gauri says to kali you are ordering me? Kali says order or request? kali says you have to say yes. Gauri says don’t you dare. You are bady papa’s chamchi. Kali says you are kalyani’s puppet. Gauri says stop it. Kali says I choose everything for you and now today when this decision is here, you are listening to that tai ji. Trust me please. Like I said I saw ram ji you trusted me. Please you can’t find another guy like Yug. He says will keep you very happy. He is one in a million. He is so pious and truthful. Gauri says if he is so nice why dont you marry him? Kali says give him a chance. Gauri says good idea. I will give him one chance by testing him. If he passes it then I will marry him but if he fails then no. Kali says he wont fail. Kali says okay done.

Sharmila reads neel’s letter, he says I know you are not ready. I know that everythin is complicated because of me. I will keep you very happy. Chulbul says he is so stupid. You can make him dance even. she crumples it and throws it away. Yug sees the letter. He picks up and reads it. Chul says I knew that the guy and family is really good. Now see, he is so remorsful. I know sharmila will forgive him. sharmila says because of me you have to marry his sister. she hugs yug.

kali says to manjiri’s picture I will never come between them. you know everything manji ma. Yug says kali is a mystery. I don’t know how she is.
Kali says you told me something manji maa, I wont do it again. I wont sing again.
Yu says kali told me she will take me to gauri. Kali says does yug know that he is getting married to Gauri. Yug says I dont’ wanna know whose voice is that. Kali says no one can stop yug and gauri’s wedding. And I will never let him know that voice is mine.

Kali and gauri are near cliff. Kali says what are we here for? Gauri says I researched about yug. He will be jogging here in a while. Gauri says its his test. Yug will come from there. I will leave my car from there in neutral gear. It will come near you and then I will see if he saves you or not. Kali says what ar eyou sayin. GAuri says this is my challenge. Kali says it can hurt me and yug. Gauri says don’t you trust your ram ji? Kali says yes. kali says what are you saying. Gauri says he is comin in a while.

Mad says Kali will do what you ask him to. Kalyani says she is a manipulator. You both are so innocent. She will never want gauri to marry yug. Mad says but why? Kalyani says she wont need Kala anymore. Kali’s existance will be useless. You have made a mistake vishwa. Be careful.
Kali says why doesn’t she understand that she needs yug. Yug sees kali and the car coming near her.

Precap-Gauri had roped the car, the rope breaks. she is scared. The car is about to hit kali.

Written Update By Atiba


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