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Kaala Teeka 9th April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Kalyani is with mad. Mad says Manjiri is our sister and she will manage something. Say something. Kalyani says what can I say? Who can stop what has to happen. Vishwa will forget you and Gauri. Kali will rule along with Manjiri. And Gauri will be sided. Mad says I will do whatever you aske me to. Kalyani says the major issue is kali’s increasing power over your house. You have to stop her. Gauri is vishwa’s weakness. If Gauri stands against Kali,vishwa will too.

Yug says they all must be asking Kali questions. But I can’t call her right now. She can call me. Doesn’t she know I am worried for her. He says what is wrong with me. She lied to me still I am worried for her She is my childhood friend and she said nothing will change.
Manjiri says to yug can I tell you something good? He says yes. Manjiri says kali did a wonder. Yug says she keeps doing them. Manjiri says kali told everyone truth. They asked kali to give agni pariskha. Yug says is she okay? I am going there. Manjiri says no no she said no to it and Vishwa took her side. He trusted her. He says wow thats so good. When kali wins this will you leave us? Right? But I am so happy for you. He hugs her. Manjiri says are you sad? He says you will always be your pishima wherever you live. Leela comes and says what are you two saying? Where is she going? Yug says nothing. Leela says I heard you were talking about someone leaving. Manjiri says he was talking about Sharmila. She is getting married. Leela says its natural. But think about the one who is coming. Tomorrow is sangeet. Have you decided your clothes? Yug says yes I have. Leela says look happy then. Leela says to manjiri you better not come tomorrow. People will question who you are.

Kali is busy with preparations. Vishwa sees her. Kali says to neel I am going to bring Gauri’s dress, should I get something for sharmila too? He says you better ask her. Vishwa says to kali have you eaten something? Kali says I have to go to get Gauri’s dress. He says okay take car and driver. Kali smiles.

Garui says I didn’t spend time with Yug. Kali took advantage of it. She sees a wind chime in her room. Yug comes and says why you took it out? She says rings are to be worn.What will it do on wind chime? I wont give it. He says this is special to me. She says how? He says thats none of your business. Gauri fine I will take it with me. Yug snatches it from her. He say why you create issue out of everything. You are selfish. Gauri says you can’t talk to me like this. He says you think world revolves around you. You think every one should be doing your stuff. Gauri says now I know you are talking about kali. Yug says yes,when she came to patna to save you you said nothing.But when she was with me because of storm you took her agni parisksha. What if something had happened to her? Gauri says why do you care? She grasps her collar and says you shouted on me because of her. What is your connection with her? He says she is my friend. Gauri says and I am your wife to be. Yug says you can never change.
Gauri leave.
A servant is cleaning, gauri throws a cushion at him. Her kundli falls on floor. Kalyani hid it there.
Leela picks that kundli.

Precap-Gauri says to kali I have decided we will both get married together. Kali says are you out of your mind.Gauri says I will find a guy for you just like yug.

Written Update by Atiba

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