Kaala Teeka 8th August 2016 Written Update

Kaala Teeka 8th August 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kaala Teeka 8th August 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Kali says to Yug you came early Let me bring you tea. Bijli shoves gauri and her wheelchair falls down the stairs. Everyone is dazed. Kali screams and runs towards her. Kali holds her and says I gave you this wheelchair for your help and you thought you can use it. Leela says you know how she is why you had to give her this.
Bijli says its not Gauri’s mistake, I got stuck. Gauri says there is a sprain in my ankle. Leela says what should I do to you, daily another drama. Take her to her room and if you come out I will break your legs. Yug takes Gauri to her room.
At night, Gauri is asleep in her dream. She wakes up and says thank God it was a dream. Gauri sees something and screams.. She says there is someone in my room. Leela asks Yug to check. Yug and Raghu check her whole room. Leela says to Gauri calm down. Yug says there is no one. Gauri says I saw myself there was a man with sword. Chulbuli says its because your own brain is evil. Kali says it’s basic, the person who couldn’t move because of sprain started running there must be something. Leela stares at Gauri. Gauri says I took the painkiller. So I feel better. Yug says that means you don’t need wheelchair or me you can move yourself. Leela says if you are too scared come sleep with me. Yug says lets go Kali. Kali says in heart I am sure now you are using your child to get Yug but I won’t let that happen. Gauri says in heart Kali know that I am a real attacker your smartness can’t save you.
Kali opens sindur and fills her hairline. Kali says nothing can part me and Yug.

Scene 2
Kali says in temple I can’t see this anymore. I will tell Yug everything. She hears a shout.. Kali runs upstairs.. Yug falls on the bed. Kali says Yug.. everyone comes in. Raghu says Yug open your eyes. Sharmila says lets take him to hospital. Gauri says what happened. Leela says sharmila take care of her. Sharmila says maa and Bijli are home don’t worry for her.
Yug is taken to hospital now. Doctor treats him. Kali and Leela ask what happened to him. Doctor says he is very critical. He has liptospirasis. It happens because of animals. We are treating him. Only one person can stay here. Kali says I will, Leela says no i will. Raghu says Kali should. Kali stays there and says Yug nothing will happen to you.
Leela says I am sure someone has done this to Yug. Raghu and the one who did this is home being served. Sharmila says he right Gauri should have no room in that house. leela says I wanted to kick her out but she has our child. Raghu says you are old you know the world more than us. Don’t lose grandson for great grandson.
Kali is with Yug. Yug repeats a name Naina.. Kali says what are you saying Yug? She recalls Yug saying I have decided the baby name, Naina. Doctor says who is Naina? Kali says he wants to name his daughter Naina. Doctor says we could use her to bring him back to consciousness. He has to be otherwise there is a threat of coma. Kali says I am bring your Naina. Don’t worry.
Kali comes home and says Gauri come with me to hospital. I wanna take his child to him. Gauri says oh so you came to bring the child? I am not going anywhere. Kali says you think I am asking you? Gauri says don’t shout, it will have a bad effect on child. Kali says I just because yug is in trouble. Gauri says your love is going away from you. Soon, he won’t be yours. Stop it if you can. Kali says you are doing a dealing? Gauri says yes. Should I drown Kali or Gauri? Kali of course. Kali’s phone rings.. Kali says yes dadi. Leela says Kali please come Yug isn’t well. Kali says I am coming take care of Yug. Kali says I beg you please come. Yug will be in coma. He needs Naina. Gauri says who is that? Kali says Yug decided if its a girl her name would be Naina. Gauri says nice name. Kali says please lets go. Gauri says lets go but I have a condition. Kali says I accept anything. Gauri says you won’t tell Yug about our plan. You don’t have options say yes.

Kali brings Gauri to hospital and says Yug your Naina is here. Please open your eyes but Yug doesn’t. Kali says your Naina is here please feel her. Please get up. Please open your eyes. Leela says please do something doctor. Save Yug. Doctor says I did everything this child was our last hope. Kali says something to the nurse. Leela says what have you asked him to bring? They play something in Yug’s ear. Yug is made hear Naina’s heartbeat. Gauri says in heart does this happen? Yug starts moving his hand. Kali notices it. Yug opens his eyes, Kali says dadi Yug opened his eyes. Thank God. Kali kisses Yug’s forehead. Doctor says you did what science couldn’t. You saved a life. Gauri says in heart Kali thinks she won, I won actually. Yug’s heart is with this child.

Precap-Gauri is shouting and screaming save me. She says I saw a bad dream is which someone killed my child. Leela says that is what pandit ji said. You will live in Yug’s room from now.

Written Update by Atiba

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