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Kaala Teeka 8th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Kalyani says to Gauri I felt so bad to know that Kali got you kidnapped to bring you back home and don’t worry I wil never let anything bad happen to you.
Kali is sitting in her room. She sees Manjiri’s photo and says I really miss you. My hand really hurts. Gauri is misbehaving with bady papa. He is going through pain. This is all Kalyani’s plan. I will never let her be successful. They have to come together. Her reality will be exposed. Swami comes in her room. He says sit down. You are upset? Kali says no.. He says you can’t conceal it. Bady papa didn’t see you and gauri didn’t see him. Thats why? Trust in time. Everything will be okay. He is back. It will take time. Don’t be upset. Kali says in heart this is all upto Ram ji now. I will do anything for bady papa.

That guy comes in radio. His friend says what are we here for? He says for Gauri.
Neel and kali are getting things ready. On radio, he says Gauri listen this song. He sings the same song. Kali hears it and is dazed. He says this is your song, you sang it. I have become your fan. I want to meet you once. Kali says in heart this is the same guy. This secret was just between me and gauri. He says my number is.. Kali turns the radio off. Neel says Kali help me with this.

Gauri comes to her room and says why is it so dark? On projector she sees her childhood photos with vishwa. She swipes her tears. Neel and kali are peeking in. Neel says your plan is so good. Kali says I hope gauri agrees. Vishwa comes in her room and makes her wear the tiara. He says you won it in your first exam. When I was alone in jail, I fought the darkness because of you my princess. I used to imagine your face and I was free. You are my existence, you are apple of my eye. Kali says please gauri say yes. Gauri takes off the tiara and says these are your feelings not mine. She says I have some work I have to go. Please excuse me, she leaves.

Kalyani says to vishwa don’t worry I will talk to her but it will take time. 14 years that kali has instilled all this poison in Gauri.
Gauri comes to kali and gives her ointment. Kali says thank you. Gauri says I am going to mall. Kali says take the arti. Can you promise me something? Gauri says no melodrama please. Kali says I will give you everything, I will be slave to you if you step once towards bady papa. I told you I saw ram ji and you agreed. Like that please agree to me. After that I will be okay even if you don’t see my face. He is your father. Why can’t you see what he has been through. Gauri says God your melodrama.

Gauri comes to vishwa and says thanks for the gift but don’t blackmail me. Take this juice and welcome back. Vishwa says thank you to her and kalyani. Gauri says she has not done anything. Kali has done all this. She requested me to talk to you. Vishwa says kali?
Kali is really happy.

Precap-Kali collides with an old woman. That guy comes and says dadi are you okay?

Written Update By Atiba


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