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Kaala Teeka 7th July 2016 Written Update

The episode begins with Kayu Romance , kali has hidden Yug’s phone and he tries to get it back, but she declines asking him to apologize first. But he seduces her and uses his charm to distract her and get his phone. Kali escapes finally telling him the location of his phone .In the kitchen gauri Bijlee nok jhok is taking place . Gauri notices Chulbuli chachi over hearing them and she purposely spills the soapy water and makes Chulbuli and Biljee slip n fall .

At Jha house Manjari gifts Her hipusband a huge framed foto of Vishwa with Gauri on their weddi g anniversary , he is p,eased but next moment it slips out of her jands and thenglass shatters to pieces .Manjari is in tears
Vishwa asks her not to cry because this was the state of their marriage as well
Manjari weeps .
Sharmila comes to console her and feels happy .

At Choudhary house Gauri goes some totka and jadoo amd shows black lemon to daadi to prove she was chased by kaala saaya . Leela gets scared and reprimands Gauri .
Gauri tells Leela that KaYu were planning to get her checked by psychiatrist. Daadi refuses vehemently, gauri thinks that she knew she needed jhar phonk instead
She shows daadi how to act to drive the psychiatrist away
When Kayu come with the doc daadi threatens wvery one brandishing a kitchen knife .shocking everyone . She shouts that she was not mad. No one dare give her electric shocks. She orders all to get out .
The doc tries to appease her. Calm her but daadi appears in no mood to listen to any one .
She shouts that everyone was mad. Kali tries to convince daadi that she needed treatment .
They fail to get daadi treated, yug gets frustrated .
He watches Kalinworking in the kitchen .
Gauri notices KaYu stating at eachother .
Gauri fakes to be good girl and offers to give daadi ehr dinner and asks Kali to spend quality time with Yug as she was his wife , the bahu of this house, Kali is pleased with Gauri .

Kali Comes to Yug and finds him suffering from a headache , she massages his head and apologises neglecting him as she was worried about Daadi’s illness
He lies down , places his head in her lap and she massages his head. Yug smiles and says she was looking more and more beautiful every day . Yug says the remedy for his headache was a kiss from his beautiful, wife Kali finds excuses saying the door was open some one would enter , yug is not bothered he pulls Kali towards himself and is about to kiss her .
In daadi’s room daadi gets itching all over due to some saazish done by Bijlee , and gauri . Daadi screams the roof down and the entire family gathers by her bedside .
All notice blood stains on leela’s back . Leela asks if this was because of her paagalpan .she is sure there is kaala saaya folowing her
Yug and kali are wondering how this could happen .gauri assures dadi she will take her for jhar phoonk next day .

Precap for tomorrow
Bijlee discovers that their bedsheet with pins and needles and khujlee was missing from under the bed. Gauri is shocked. They both think It must have been taken for washing. They spot Kali putting clothes into washing machine and their bed sheet too was inside it , they wonder how to retrieve it .

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