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Kaala Teeka 6th May 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Pundit says that i have not come to give any explanation, i just came to give this anklet back, chulbuli says that how can we believe you without any proof? Pundit says you want proof so come with me to Mandir, i will show you proof, Kali is dazed. leela says okay lets go. When they come to temple. he says let us show you cctv footage. Vishwa says yeah show us. He turns on computer. He says in the film its an hour from now. Its of Kali’s with Aryan. kali says what are you showing. This is of last night. Yug says quite kali let me see. Kali says try to understand yug. He says quite I said. Kali says this is not right. Kali says this is last night’s pooja not rounds. Your dadi asked me to do this. She said its your ritual. Raghu says we have no such ritual. Leela says when did I? Kali says you sent me. Leela says you are such a liar. Where can you see me in this video? Kali says why are you doing this to me? You asked me not to tell anyone. Chulbul says I never did any such pooja. Kali says manji maa bady papa try to understand as soon as my pooja ended. When i completed my pooja aryan was there. They are trapping me. Leela says why would I do that?You should have said if you didn’t want to marry. I don’t like. I accepted you as a bride. Kali says yug filled my hairline. Aryan comes and says how much will you lie kali? You don’t love me then why you married me? And remember what you said. Pandir ji plays the video of them talking. He says Kali said she wants yug and gauri to be married. And she married me so yug doens’t have a way to own her. Kali says yug this all is lie. Aryan says this is truth. Kali married me. So she can make yug and gauri one and now her mind has changed perhaps. Gauri says I was ready then why you had to do this? What do you wanna prove? Yug recalls kali saying are we doing right getting married? Why did you do all this? Kali says this all is lie. This video is from last night. And Gauri is lying. This all is lie. Manjiri nods. Gauri says I saw you in your room and saw yug leaving from your room. Yug says yes thats right. Kali says thats after I returned from temple. She says manjimaa you know I never lied. Manjiri says I didn’t see you going out of room either. Mad says enough of lies. You tell manjiri everything then why you left without telling her? Who will trust you? Kali says please try to understand. I did everything dadi asked me to. I have not done anything wrong. Gauri says you have made fun of wedding. You should have let me die that day. Kali sits there in tears. Vishwa says i can’t believe you have married this aryan. But everything is going against you. This all can’t lie. Why would your manji maa lie.Vishwa says give me one proof. Kali sobs and says please show me a way God. You have to save my marriage.
Kali sees her mangalsutra. She says yug can give me this only. It can’t be on anyone else. Manjiri says this is not the one that I bought. Gauri says I am wearing that one.
Manjiri recalls replacing the mangalsutra. Aryan says I did this all for you kali.Don’t make fun od this mangalsutra now. I brought it with so much love. Kali says to yug, tell me your trust me. And you don’t need any proof of my love. You trust me? I love you. please say. Yug says how can I. This is the first time you have ever confessed. I never understood if you love me or not. When was I ever in your life.You always cared about others. You told me today if are doing right or not. You had doubts. i feel like you did me a favor by saying yes. Kali says you trust me or not? Yug saysI trust that you can do this for gauri. Leela says what to do now? yug says go home with the girl I married. Gauri. He takes Gauri’s hand and leaves. Everyone leaves. Kali is alone in temple with manjiri. She faints.

Precap-Yug says to gauri. you will have respect in this house but don’t expect anything from me. Kali cries in rain.

Written Update by Atiba

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