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Kaala Teeka 6th April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Yug’s car breaks down. Kali says your car is a drama queen.
Gauri says they should have come by now. Yug’s number is unreachable. She tries kali and says her phone is unreachable as well.
Yug says don’t say that about my car. Kali says everyone must be waiting home. Yug says I have family too.
Vishwa is on the same road walking.
Kali and yug fall down. They fall in mud. He asks are you okay? She says yes. Yug is about to fall, Kali holds him. He says lets go clean up. Kali says lets go home. Yug says we have to clean first. kali says lets try for lift. Yug says no one will give lift to us drowned in mud. Kali says if I am late.. I have not told anyone. Yug says people will consider us statues. He says I am going to bring water. She say will you leave me alone here? Vishwa sees them and says they are stupid guy and girl drowned in mud.

Mad says lets go catch them. Gauri says I was your age too. I know, we have to stop them. That kali can control yug. They find tube well. Yug and kali fetch water for each other. Yug says I had a friend in childhood. She was really pretty we got lost in jungle. You are a lot like her. Sometimes I feel like asking you if you are her. But you would have told me. Like you she was also in trouble. Last time I met her she was wearing black too. Do you wanna say something? Kali says I am the same girl. You didn’t recognize. She laughs and says I am not pretty. I was horrible in childhood. And I remember everything. I never met anyone like you. Yug says what about black dress? Kali says everyone wear black. Lets go now.

Prohit calls Vishwa and says Yug and kali went out of city but none is picking call. Where can they go? I fear what if kali took yug from gauri.Vishwa recalls them drowned in mud. vishwa says I am on same road. Prohit says we are all coming there as well. We will pick you up. Vishwa says ask gauri not to worry.
Mad says why you told him? Prohit says he should know.
Vishwa sys why didn’t kali tell me she is with yug.

Kali says we should have stood there. What will I say home. They will be mad when they get i was with you. He says Kali.. there is no point in panic. We have to find a way out together. They start walking.
It starts raining. Mad says they are out alone in rain. Gauri says please mom. Kalyani calls prohit but he doesn’t pick.
Yug and kali find a small house. They go in.
Vishwa i picked. He says its dangerous to drive in such weather.
Vishwa tries to lit fire. Gauri says I saw some light there.
Yug says you are from stonage that is why you know to lit fire from it.

Precap-Kali says there is a solution to kill hunger. Yug says what? Hunt? Kali says aren’t you scared? He says I will manage. Kali growls,he is scared. Yug falls on kali.

Written Update by Atiba

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