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Kaala Teeka 5th July 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Leela sees more crows coming out of her closet. She screams. Leela tells Gauri that there is a shadow after. Gauri says are you joking? She laughs.Leela says you think its funny?
Chulbul says to Gauri why are you making this face? Work with a happy face. We don’t differenciate between servants and members. Gauri says I am here for repentance I will leave once I am done. Chulbul says like I don’t know you are here to ruin Kali’s life.
Bijli says to Gauri the maid is not here, better clean the house. Gauri throws duster on her face, Bijli says what are you doing? Gauri says you asked to clean the house so I started with you. Chulbul says enough. Go in kitchen Bijli. Gauri says you better sent her. Chulbul says I have to tell this to sharmila.

Sharmila says wow this is such a good news. Chulbul says she is cleaning the house. Sharmila says this news has made me so happy. She sees Vishwa coming and says maa gauri is there? As a servant? This can’t happen? Kali won’t let this happen. She was quite all the time? Kali has so many favors from this house? Chulbul says what are you saying? Is someone around? Sharmila says gauri was brought up like a princess and now she is servant of the girl who was Gauri’s kala teeka.
Manjiri comes to Vishwa and says why have you got the lunch box ready I was coming. Vishwa throws it away. He says my daughter is living as a servant in that house. Vishwa says don’t try to pretend. You knew everything yet you concealed from me.

Gauri discusses Leela with Kali. Kali says to Gauri I don’t believe in all these ghosts and shadows. Gauri says the way she was talking, she was so scared, I feel like there is something wrong. Anyway, go get fresh you have to take lunch for yug. I will handle all this here. Kali says thank you. Gauri says in heart oh Kali you are so stupid. But I have to do all this for myself.
Kali goes to take shower. Gauri takes out glue and applies it on the door. Gauri says now I will see how you will go to office to talk to Yug. Chulbul is looking for Gauri. Gauri suddenly hides the glue and sits under the table. Chulbul says where is this Gauri. I had to ask her to clean my room. Gauri’s hands gets stuck to a vase. She says oh God. Why does this happen with me all the time. Kali comes out after shower. The vase is still stuck to Gauri’s hands. Kali says you here? Gauri says you have so many favors on me. I always give you pain. Kali says why you think that way? You have paid for your sins and you saved my life. Lets pray everyone sees your changed self. Kali says okay I am leaving. Gauri breaks the vase, it cuts her hand.

In temple, Kali prays that everyone sees Gauri’s better side. Gauri says in heart God don’t give Kali what she asked for. Leela says really loving each other sisters? Bijli says Kali I have packed the lunch. Leela says ramu will take the box, you stay home Kali. kali says in heart this was a good chance to talk to yug. Manjiri comes there. Kali hugs her. Manjiri says I just came to take my daughter home. Manjiri says Gauri come home, you papa is very upset. Gauri says no manji maa this is not possible. I have been so bad to Kali. Its time to pay. I will stay in this house and serve them. This is my happiness. Manjiri says I can’t force you but that is your house. You can come back any time you want. Kali says sorry manji maa I didn’t tell you about Gauri. I didn’t know how to. Manjrii says its okay. Kali says please send her clothes, I want her to live here like she used to. I will convince Yug not to let her live like a servant.
Yug comes home. Everyone is having dinner. Leela says to Kali I am going to sleep, come when you are done with food. Gauri says dadi please let Kali sleep with Yug. I will come with you I will take care of you.

Precap-Leela runs out, she slips. Everyone asks what happened? Leela says there is a shadow on me. Chulbul says would you like to know her name ma ji?

Written Update by Atiba

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