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Kaala Teeka 5th April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Kali says to yug we have to return soon. Bady papa must be coming anyytime. I will have to tell him progress.
A beggar says such a good couple. Kali says he is marrying my sister pray for them. Yug gives him money and says pray for her too.

Kali says where have I placed the ring? Mad says you can’t keep rings how will you keep this relationship. I saw kali and yug going together somewhere. gauri says she said she is going to buy stuff for wedding. Mad says you are so innocent. Go after them before she runs away with them.
Kali says manji maa thinks tai ji did all that. Yug says she will stay quite for sometime. And dont worry you are not alone I am with you.
Kali coughs yug gives her water. she thanks him. Kali gets calls for orders and stuff. Yug watches her. A butterfly comes near kali.
Yug comes near her. He says for how long will you downplay it? Can’t you feel what is between us? It is something. I didn’t want to come this close to you because that would hurt us but I cant stay away from you either. He hugs her. Suddenly it was all his imagination. Kali says lets go.

Manjiri calls yug and says complete your shopping then I will call you. Leela says to manjiri come sit here. Leela shows her haldi’s color. She says what is wrong with yug? He doesn’t look happy. Whenever you talk about wedding he gets depressed. What is it? Manjiri says nothing. Leela says don’t fool me. Tell me what is it. Manjiri says nothing. Leela says I don’t believe you. If there is something and you are concealing i will be really bad to you. Because its about my son.

Kali buys an anklet she says gauri will like it. Yug says how you know? Kali says she is my sister. I know her choice. He says I don’t know about you but I can find which one would you like, Kali says lets see. He picks one. Kalis is dazed. Kali says how you know? He says it is like you simple and elegant. It has a look of calm. Kali says is it like that? I don’t think so. Yug says yes it is.
I mean real friends know each other. The girl like you can do anything.
Its about time that you remove this kala teeka tag from yourself. From now on you will wear this anklet. Kali takes it. He pays and says lets go. Kali says I hope we reach back in time. A man calls prohit and says its done. He has punctured the car. Prohit says very good. you will have your prize. Prohit says vishwa has left too.

Precap-A car stops near yug and kali. Yug tries to save her and they both fall in mud. Vishwa sees them.

Written Update by Atiba

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