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Kaala Teeka 5th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Yug says is this your brother? How can a man like this be your brother? You are trying to save him? How could you? Kali says he should be punished. But if you kill him you will be a murderer too. She says sharmila will decide his punishment. I will not come in her way whatever she decides for him. Yug grasps her by head and says you care about your brother and you dont care what happens to my sister. You were special to me, today you proved that blood is blood. The girl whose brother is a rapist how ugly her own thoughts would be. He leaves.

Kalyani says what has he done to my son. She says this all that girls faulty. Kali says what neel did was wrong. Neel should surrender to police. Vishwa says in heart this is going as I planned. I hope this fire goes to leela’s house. Kalyani says you better stay quite. I will file a complaint against who hit him. Kali says if I had not reached on time, we would all have been in trouble. Kalyani says he wont have done it anyway. Vishwa takes neel out.

Chulbul locks the door and says this is what I gave you birth for? I wish I never had given birth to you. Manjiri says it is not sharmila’s mistake. Chulbul says this is my mistake. She says yug lets file an FIR. Chulbul says this will defame us. Manjiri says what are you saying? Chulbul says lets keep is close. SHe is my daughter I will decide. Yug says we cant forgive him. Chul says so should be blackened our face like hers? Yug says what are you saying. Chul says maa ji should not know. Bury it here between us for. And why didn’t you die sharmila.

Vishwa slaps neel and says you got hit? I thought you would be a man but you are nothing. I was wrong that I counted on you. I asked you to rape that girl so we could heal it with relation. You did nothing? Neel says I can’t do that. I can’t do this with a girl. Whatever I did was in anger. Thank God kali came there and stopped me. Kalyani comes there. Vishwa says go from here. Kalyani says go and rest neel.
Kalayni says to vishwa you should have told me your plan. I would have helped you. vishwa says we will defame their daughter anyway and then we will go there with a cloth to cover them. Then she will seek help from us. He says this fake news needs a spark, like TV.
Kali is in temple. Neel comes and says I am sorry. When sharmila made fun of me in party I was broken. Forgive me. Kali says you have to surrender to police. Kalyani overhears this.

Next morning, yug is outside police station. He says on call, I will call you after FIR. He sees kali and neel there. He says in heart, she knows what is right and wrong. Inspector comes out and says.. We have gotten his anti sepatry bail ready. Yug says in heart oh this was your drama? He leaves. Kali says who submitted bail? Prohit comes and says I did. What you did? you wanted him to surrender and made us all fool? Now go home both of you.
Prohit calls kalyani and tells her. He says don’t worry.

Everyone in college taunts at gauri. Gauri says he has not done anything. The girl says i know you wanted to seek revenge from Sharmila so you asked your brother and now she is not able to show her face anywhere. Kali says how can you say this about a girl when you are a girl yourself. The girl says you keep this servant with you so she can insult us? Gauri says mind your language she is not servant. She is my sister. Kali is dazed. Gauri smiles and nods.

Manjiri gives a parcel to leela. a ring falls from it. Leela says sharmila is it the same ring you made your fiancee wear? Why has he sent it home? She reads the letter, it says that they have broken the relationship they don’t want a daughter in law like this.
Yug asks girls in college to help him with getting neel arrested.
Sharmila reads the letter. Chulbul says to manjiri you told what happened to sharmila? leela say what happened to shamrila? Chulbul says vishwa’s nephew tried to rape her. Dadi his sharmila. Sharmila says this is not my fault. If I can I will take him to police station. Dadi says so you can sit home all your life? Sharmila says yes I will. Manjiri says its not her fault.dadi says this our family matter. Leela says who will marry you now? Vishwa comes in and says my nephew neel will marry him. I really feel bad for what happened and we want to make up for it. We propose her for our son neel. Raghu says what are you saying? Will he keep her happy after wedding? Vishwa says you give us sharmila and we give you gauri. This will assure that neel will keep her happy. Leela asks sharmila to go in. She says thank you for your remorse but now go from here. Neel says i can understand your anger but once read kundli. This is my daughter’s. I assure you my daughter will brighten yug’s life.

Yug says no one wants to help truth. People like you pretend to be good. You went to police station to buy them. Kali says I am ready to even give the statement. HE says I don’t know what is your new game. Thank you but I don’t need your help.

Precap-Vishwa says to Prohit says there is a kundli that has nothing wrong. Prohit says you mean that was kali’s? Vishwa says yes i will use her kundli to give my daughter fate.

Written Update By Atiba


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