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Kaala Teeka 5th January 2016 Written Episode Update

kaala teeka watch online

Scene 1
Mad comes to Vishwa and says didi is too much sometimes. She made you drink something. This is very bad. But its okay. I am here for you to take care of you. Vishwa says is it necessary to always talk? Cant you stay quite. she says but I.. Vishwa says quite. I dont want to hear a single word. He leaves. Mad says even when he is mad he thinks about her. I have faded it.
Mad is breaking stuff and says I am dumb. Kubri comes and says you called me? Mad throws a glass at her but it hits the wall. Kubri says what i did? Mad says I asked you to do magic on vishwa. He has started shouting on me instead.
A drum comes. Mad says now neelu is playing with this. I want to vishwa back or I will throttle you. Kubri says can you drive? Mad says we have drivers. Why would I? Kubri says you should have seen the car starts slowly and then accelerates. Same is with magic. Its because of the magic, they are parting. Kali overhears it. She is in the drum.
Neel says where is kali? Gauri says lets find her. Kubri says you thought the milk i made fainted him? It has affected heart and mind both. Now see what I do. Kali hears everything they say.
Gauri comes and says was it fun in the drum kali? Neel says why are you not talking. Kali says in heart I have to tell manji maa.

Dahi and bundi are fighting. Dahi shows manjiri that the glass is not cleaning. Bundi says he drinks milk in this every day but it is not cleaning today. Manjiri smells it. She is dazed. SHe recalls vishwa fainting. Manji says have you sen kubri? Dahi says she is in her room. Kali comes and says I wanna talk to you about kubri kaki.
Kali tells her everything.

Kali and Mad are doing magic in kubri’s room. Manjiri comes there. She slaps Mad.
Mad says you slapped me? Manjiri says you sister has slapped you. How could you do this. Do you even imagine how harmful to his health this can be. And this kubri.. She is an outside but you are family. Mad says you forced me to think all this.
you took my husband from me. You always provoke him. Mad slaps her. Manji says you slapped your sister today. Mad says I slapped my husband’s other wife. You are not my sister. If you say a single word to Vishwa. I swear I will burn myself. She leaves.

The kids see kubri going. She stands up. Neel says she is not hunchback. Kali says because of her papa was ill and mad mama and manji mama fought. We have to expose her. Neel says you are right.
They tell dahi bundi as well. the kids start fighting. The run around kubri. Kubri says what are you doing? Vishwa is busy with newspaper. Vishwa says be silent. Go out if you wanna play. Kubri’s hunchback falls down. Vishwa sees the hunch back on the floor. Vishwa says you are exposed. He throws the hunchback on her face. Vishwa says still bent. She stands straight. He says what are you here for? To steal? Tell me who you are. Vishwa picks her stick. He holds it. She takes the cloth off her face. Mad says to kubri tell us who you are or vishwa will call police. you made me idiot. Kubri says idiot doesn’t need to be made idiot. Vishwa comes with a rope and puts it in her neck.He pulls it. Vishwa says if I wanted i could hit you and throw you out of this house. but i wont touch you. She I made this rope a dragger. Now you will say everything in police station and I will drag you to the station. He pulls the rope. Manjiri tries to stop him. vishwa says she should know what are the consequences. Manjiri says she will die. Please calm down. Mad says don’t calm down. Pull the rope. Prohit says let her go vishwa. The see something on gate are dazed.

Precap-Kali hugs manjiri and says what is happening in the house? why was bady papa scolded? Kubri says to kali when elders do mistakes their elders tell them about it. Right manjiri?

Written Update By Atiba


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