Kaala Teeka 4th October 2016 Written Update

Kaala Teeka 4th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kaala Teeka 4th October 2016 Written Update

cene 1
Police comes in to arrest Prohit. Prohit says this is all lie. Tell them Vishwa. I didn’t do anything. Vishwa did it all. Everyone is dazed. I am not lying. This Vishwa kidnapped Kali. vishwa says he is lying. Prohit says no I am not. I won’t go to jail because of you. Vishwa says shut up. Inspector says let him speak Mr. Jha. Prohit tells everything Vishwa had done so far. Yug says this is not any inspector. This is my friend, I asked him to come here so we can know the reality. Vishwa says how dare you. Gauri says how dare you dad. She slaps Vishwa but Vishwa holds her hand. Vishwa says don’t you feel ashamed slapping your dad? He shoves her. Manjiri saves her. Gauri says you should be ashamed. You are a monster. Manjiri says for the princess you did all this hates you. Because a father teaches good to his kids. You are a monster. Gauri says its my mistake too. I tried killing my own Naina too. And this man.. He knew everything. He wanted to kill my baby. He wanted me to kill my own daughter. Thank God I didn’t do this sin. Vishwa says if I didn’t try to kill Naina she would become my Kaal. Your daughter is a Kaal. And if I try to remove my kaal then okay I am a sinner, I am a monster. I don’t regret anything. Yug says you will regret when you live rest of your life in jail. Vishwa says wow. without any proof and witness? The real inspector comes in and plays the recording. He says you have fooled us all enough. He arrests Vishwa and Prohit. Prohit says why are you arresting me.

In the police van, Prohit says Vishwa you have done all this. Vishwa says you are equally responsible. They both fight in the van. The car is about to hit another car. Vishwa snatches gun from a constable. He says stop the car. Vishwa says to all the cops I will shoot you all. Vishwa says take out the rope Prohit ji.

Scene 2
Gauri comes to Kali. Kali says forgive me I hid the truth from you. Gauri says its not your mistake. Its my mistake. I should apologize. Sorry. Thank you, you saved my Naina so many times. Kali looks at Naina and smiles. Kali says I am so glad to see Naina in her real mom’s lap. Yug says we should go to temple. Manjiri says we cant leave Kali alone. Kali says can you leave Naina with me Gauri? I wanna see her. Gauri gives Naina to Kali. Kali says Manji ma I will spend time with Naina till you are in temple. They all leave for temple.

Scene 3
Kali is playing with Naina. Vishwa and Prohit sneak in the house. They come upstairs. Kali is playing with Naina. Vishwa comes and hits Kali on the back of her head.
When Kali gains consciousness Naina isn’t there. Vishwa and Prohit run away with Naina. Kali sees them going and she hangs with their car. Vishwa stops the car. He grasps kali by hair and leaves her in the jungle. Kali is partially conscious. A car hits her. Kali’s head hits a tree.

Precap-Vishwa says who will save her now. He digs a grave for Naina. Manjiri is near with the mandir people.

Written Update by Atiba

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