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Kaala Teeka 4th November 2015 Written Update

kaala teeka watch online

Scene 1
Vishwa says you can’t die, my daughter has to live you have to live for her. He starts digging the soil.
Nurse says the pulse is drowning sir. Madhuri says to doctor please save my daughter. Manjali says control yourself nothing will happen. Doctor says that injection will work, you have to wait. Madhuri we have been waiting for so long.
Vishwa digs another place. He takes out the little girl. Her eyes are close. Guru ji touches her and says no. Vishwa shakes her, she opens her eyes. Vishwa says she is alive.

Doctor says everything will be okay. JT says an injection can’t do miracle. Doctor says this injection has saved so many lives. MAnjali and JT see Vishwa coming in with the girl. JT says he brought her. Manjali says whose child is it? Vishwa says she is my daughter’s kaala teeka. Manjali says how can you believe all this. He says I can do anything to save my daughter. I will run wherever i find hope. Manjali says you can’t do this with this little girl. Vishwa says she was about to die, her parents buried her. My daughter is fighting for life, I will do anything to save her.

Nurse says the heartbeat is down. Vishwa comes in and says this girl will save my daughter. I am her dad i will save her. Manjali says let them work please. Vishwa asks JT to take manjali with her. Vishwa says guru ji read the mantra. He does his daughter’s arti with kaali. his daughter starts moving. Everyone is glad. Vishwa says my daughter. He picks up his daughter. Doctor says this wasn’t you miracle. You have done blackmagic. Only an evil can do this. Medical science has saved your child. Vishwa says you failed, you almost killed my daughter. this girl ate the black eye on her. and now nothing will happen to her. This is beyond your comprehension.
Vishwa gives him money and says this is your unsuccessful fees.
They forget kaali crying in the room, Manjali runs back and picks her up. Kaali smiles.

Scene 2

They arrive residence, JT bhabhi does the arti. Madhuri suggests I gave All your family members a daughter. I are offering Gains to Everybody. Madhuri states you will have to give me diamond set. He states you’re going to get no matter what you desire. Madhuri states sufficient arti JT bhabhi.
JT claims why are you currently bringing her in right here? Manjali suggests she is a human. She saved our daughter’s everyday living In accordance with you persons. Have some mercy. We will’t toss her absent. Vishwa states are available in, lets see later what to do along with her. Manjali claims for how long will you stay with us small girl? You showed us a hope. She hugs her. Manjali comes in.
Vishwa says attorney known as me and explained the land challenge is solved. Madhuri says its as a result of my great luck daughter. Allows title her great luck. Vishwa says I’ll throw a grand occasion now. Many of the people today might be invited. JT claims in coronary heart let me see for how much time pleasure stays in this article.

Precap-JT comes to hariya and states acquire your daughter, we are accomplished along with her. He leaves her while in the Filth. A Canine comes near Kaali.

Written Update By Atiba


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