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Kaala Teeka 4th May 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Leela says wit yug you are not old enough to cut your dadi off. Vishwa says let it go yug. Kali is your bride, face doesn’t matter. Manjiri says let it go. Yug says Kali how can you be quite? Leela says okay do whatever you want. Yug says okay as you say dadi.
They make each other wear garlands. Prohit says there is a little time for wedding yet. To fill in time, I have invited someone. They all clap. A woman comes and dances. Everyone enjoys.

Yug says Kali you took that bangle off. Why? Are you mad? Have I made a mistake? Or has dadi said something? It wasn’t matching your dress anyway. Why aren’t you talking? Leela says lets go for rounds.
The wedding starts. Yug is about to take ghunghat off kali’s face. Leela says you can see her face after wedding. Vishwa and yug bind their clothes. Vishwa says I couldn’t see purity of your heart. Stay happy. Always. Yug says I feel like there is someone else in the ghunghat. He smiles.

Both couples stand up for the rounds. They complete all seven rounds. Pandit ji says fill her hairline. Leela says chulbuli cover her face. Yug says what is this? She says ritual. When ghunghat is taken off, chulbul covers her face. Its Kali inside. yug makes her wear mangalsutra. Kali smiles inside the ghunghat.
Leela says I was not agreeing on Kali being my daughter in law. Class, family always mattered to me. I understood then time is changing, so should I. I am very happy to have her as my daughter in law. Stay blessed. Everyone smiles. They complete rest of the ritual. Yug says this ram got his seeta.
Pandit says the wedding is over. Go and take blessings from elders. Leela says wait, its our ritual that bride takes kul devi’s blessing first. Yug says I will come too. Leela says only bride.

Leela takes Kali to temple. Kali prays there. Her phone rings. Leela says pick it up its okay. Kali picks the call its Gauri. Gauri says Kali.. please save me. Kali says gauri where are you? Why are you saying? Gauri says they took me near temple. Please come. Kali calls Mad she doesn’t pick up. Kali calls Chulbul but she doesn’t pick either. Kali says no one is picking the call. She says dadi.. Gauri texts her you will always be my sister, never trust yug’s dadi. Kali is quite. She runs out. Leela says listen to me. Kali runs. Leela says woah.
Yug says why are they not back?Manjiri says yes its late.
Kali is running on the road. A car hits her.

Precap-Kali comes running to save Gauri. The woman with her says it doesn’t feel like anyone came here. She says in heart is someone trying to trap her?

Written Update by Atiba

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