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Kaala Teeka 4th June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Leela says Mukta was right. God knows about Kali and Yug’s wedding. That is her prayer brought yug back. Chulbul says you will call kali yug’s wife? Leela says thats not possible. I thinking how can Kali sit in place of Gauri.
Manjiri says to Kali you have to do pooja as yug’s wife.
Leela says I have do something. Kali will do the pooja as Kala teeka.
Manjiri says you have to do pooja as yug’s wife not Kala teeka. Kali nods.

Next morning, Kali is praying for yug. Kali says give Yug long life.When I die I have sindur of yug’s name in my hairline. Leela comes with clothes and stuff. Leela says won’t you do the pooja? You have to fast and pooja for yug as kala teeka. Kali says I have to do pooja with my heart, does it matter that you consider me kala teeka. I am his wife. Gauri says what crap is she talking about it. She has gone crazy. Yug is weak, dadi won’t listen to me. I have to do something on my own. I have to make my plan work. Kali will do pooja but..

Manjiri prepares stuff for pooja. When she leaves, Sharmila comes in and hides one of the plates. Neel comes Sharmila says there is no plate for me. its my first pooja too. No one cares about me here. Vishwa says sharmila everyone is worried for yug maybe thats why she forgot. Neel says we are all worried for him. Sharmila might have reacted because of that. Yug is her brother. Sharmila says let it go. Neel says I won’t tolerate anyone insulting my wife. Vishwa says I was just.. Neel says I dont want explanation. Lets go sharmila we will do pooja on our own.

Gauri comes in with women. Leela says what are you doing. Gauri says its vatsavitri. I thought I should call all the women. Then I got worried for my sister so I called her husband too. Come in Aryan. Aryan comes in. He places his chain in Kali’s plate. Gauri says to Kali no matter what you do you can never be Mrs. Yug chaudahary. Kali says I am Mrs yug and will always be. Gauri says then do this pooja for yug. Kali says the ones with truth in heart are helped by God. Gauri says when you can’t solve you bring ram ji in between. Lets see who wins Gauri Jha or Ram ji.

yug’s condition worsens Nurse calls in doctor. Raghu is there. He asks what happened to him.. They all check him in emergency.
Raghu calls leeela and tells her Yug’s condition is critical. leela recalls what pandit ji said. Aryan stands next to Kali and says I am leaving. Gauri says dadi where i thal for pooja? she picks it up. Leela says wait. Leela says there can be some trouble in pooja. Kali says don’t worry I will do pooja for my husband. Leela says good wife knows the family grace. Kali says in heart you are not letting pray because of society.

They all come to temple. Kali meets manjiri. Kali gives ghee to sharmila. Gauri says I have to stay away from Kali. Chulbul says come do the pooja. Kali says sharmila.. She turns back and all the oil spills on gauri’s clothes. Gauri says you have ruined my saari. How will I do pooja now. Gauri says please help me manji maa. Gauri says Sharmila keep my thal I will take it from you. Sharmila gets a call.She gives the thal to Kali.
Sharmila provokes Neel. Gauri comes and asks her where is my thal? Sharmila says I gave it to kali. Gauri sees kali doing pooja. She says kali is doing pooja with so much concern for ayrna? but she doesn’t have yug’s thal. Kali replaced the thals. Gauri says this is cheating Kali stop it. you can’t do this. you stole my thaal.
leela comes and says to gauri this shows how irresponsible you are. Go take the thaali back? can you do that? No. Yug is fighting for life and you are like this. Kali completes the pooja.
Kali says nothing will happen to yug. Death has to pass me by before reaching Yug.

Precap-Leela says in coming 7 days Kali will fulfill those promises. Gauri says if you don’t get to say Yug and Dadi that you are his wife you will have to go away from Yug. Kali says I accept this.

Written Update by Atiba

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