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Kaala Teeka 4th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Gauri says why were you taking Kali’s side. Yug says she saved life of your dad. That blind belief could have risked uncle’s life. Like her I am against all this. And what happened to you? You believe in all this. Gauri says she is my kala teeka. She protects me. This is not superstitions. Yug says this is all fluke. Gauri says she is my kala teka and I need her. She protects me from all troubles. And stop taking her sides. Yug says I have enough reasons to support her. He leaves.

Prohit calls kalyani. She says this is all your mistake. Prohit says that kali came in between. Kaalyani says she is a hindrance in everything i do.Kalyani says do something that ruins everything. Prohit says I will. He turns back, kali is standing there. Kali says you were talking to tai ji? You disloyal man. What are you made of? I will tell bady papa everything. Prohit says forgive me its not my fault. suddenly kali says what happpened? are you okay? He was imagining all that. Kali says bady papa has called you. He says I was asking for water.
Manjiri calls kali. Kali says he is fine I know you are worried. Manjiri says his superstitions are increasing day by day. Kali says it is difficult to bring him back but we have to fight. I haven’t talked to yug. I feel like..Manjiri says kalyani is behind this. Kali says I heard two servants saying I have mixed chemical. Should we tell bady papa everything? Manjiri says no. We have to fool kalyani. Kali says what is everyone saying about it?

Leela asks how is vishwa? Yug says he is so much in blind beliefs. He will harm someone one day. What is all this for? Can’t you all live without this? What are you scared of? You and he are same. I am sick of all this. Leela says are you out of your mind. I just asked how is he. Yug says you are sick, you have this disease of blind beliefs. People like you can’t see anything. You still have time leave it. Leela says your dad used to say same thing. My husband lost his life because of him. I am widow since all these years. I am not talking stupid. I lost my husband.


Written Update by Atiba

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