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Kaala Teeka 4th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Kali sees gauri’s phone ringing. She says gauri your phone is ringing Neel leaves in car. Kalyani says he took your car. Vishwa says he is like my son. I asked to take my car. Kalyani says you don’t love him this much without reason.
Kali texts yug from Gauri’s phone, sorry couldn’t meet yesterday meet me at cafe today. He says yay. He says I am sure kali has convinced her. Kali says I am sure this text will make you happy. I will make you meet her.
Kali says please gauri meet him. You promised him. Gauri says I am irritated. They made phool show stopper. Kali says she was never deserving. Meet your fan, how would she feel when she gets to know that she doesn’t have a fan. Gauri says okay I will come I have to go to college and tell everyone that I have a fan. Yug texts her I am here where are you? Gauri says to her friend, I have made a lucky draw out of so many fans. I will meet him.

Neel stops Sharmila. Gauri says kali look there. Neels grasps her mouth and take her to a side. Gauri and kali go there. Kali says neel stop. The grill is locked. kali says what is wrong with him.
Neel takes sharmila to office. He walks towards her. Sharmila says let go please. Kali breaks the lock. Neel grasps her by hair. Kali is looking for neel. Neel grasps her by hair and says what you wanted to show? That I am not a man. She says please leave me. neel shoves her. He recalls when vishwa said why are you crying? Be a man. Are you a man or not? Go and show her who you are and what can you do. Neel throttles her.
He pulls her dupatta. He steps on the dupatta. Kali comes there. She says how could you? Sharmila takes her dupatta and leaves. She runs into gauri. Gauri is dazed to see her that way. She comes in room neel is there. Gauri says neel what were you doing? Kali says I am ashamed to call you my brother. How could you even do this. You have sisters too. Neel is in tears. He sits there. Gauri says I can’t tell anyone that you are my brother. I am going home. Kali says if you regret beg sharmila’s pardon.

Sharmila is running out. Yug sees her in tears. he sees that her sleeve is torn as well. Yug says who did all this? She says neelkand jha. Yug says I wont leave him. He hugs her. Kali says what you have done you deserve punishment for it. When yug gets to know what happened to his sister he will be broken. I am going and asking him where his house is. Yug comes to neel and starts hitting him. Kali comes and says pleas stop. Yug says so he can do this again? Yug says these type of people should die. Kali says please leave him, you can call police. Kali stands in front of neel.

Precap-Yug grasps kali’s hair and says you care about your brother and you dont care what happened to my sister. You were special to me. But you brother is a rapist.

Written Update By Atiba


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