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Kaala Teeka 3rd March 2016 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
yug says why don’t you miss you princess again. she says she is all right. You have helped me quite a few times. I have found something to help you with as well. Yug says what? Kali says I can take you to your gauri. Yug says really? Are you joking? Gauri is there with her friends. Kali says yes. He hugs her. Kali sees Gauri there.
He says sorry I got way too excited. Will you actually take me to her? Promise? Kali says yes promise. They shake hands. Kali says promise. He says thank and leaves. He says while leaving, he says you are the best and gives her a flying kiss. Kali says in heart I just want to give you the happiness you deserve and Gauri need someone like you who can keep her happy and bady papa wants this as well.

Sharmila sees neel and says everything will change after today Neelkand. Her friend asks what are you gonna do? She says just wait and watch. Sharmila gives money to a waiter and says make this check shirt guy drink this glass. No one should know. He gives the glass to waiter. Neel drinks it.
Gauri gets ready and asks how I look? Kali says really good. Gauri says I look super awesome. Do my nazar. Kali walks around her. Kali says Tai ji got to know that I am show stopper so she got this dress for me from Dehli. Kali says I want you to meet someone. Kali says someone special. Gauri says no one is more special than me. She goes out.
Yug comes there. Gauri collides with a waiter and dress is stained. Gauri says what the hell. Kali comes running to her. Gauri says you didn’t do my nazr properly. What would I do now? My dress is ruined. Kali says calm down I will do something. Gauri says everything is ruined. I am leaving, I have to change. I am going home. Gauri leaves. Kali sees yug. She goes after gauri.
Neel starts dancing madly. Everyone laughs at him. Neel recalls when Kalyani used to make him dance. Sharmila says come on. How does it feel to get humiliated in front of whole college?
Yug is waiting. He stops kali and says where is gauri? Kali says I can’t bring her today. Yug is dazed. He says you promised me. Kali says I am sorry. I know that I promised you but I will fulfill it, not today. She leaves.
Neel is running home. He recalls what happened and gets hit by a car. Vishwa is in the car.

Kali is making vegetable. She gets a cut. She says I have hurt yug. I don’t know what he is going through.
Yug is playing with a ball. Manjiri comes and catches the ball. She says should I ask or will you tell me yourself. Yug says she didn’t fulfill her promise. I don’t know why she did that. She is really nice, she always helps me. She looked worried and left. I think something was wrong. I hope she is fine. She likes getting in trouble. Manjiri says I see. you couldn’t meet the one you wanted to. Or are you worried more for the person who was bringing her. You are not talking about the one you wanted to meet. Focus on what I said. Yug says she is right. Why I think so much about kali.

Gauri comes to kali and says I was really upset. Tai ji made up mood. She said she can get me 1000 dresses like that. Now why are you upset? Kali says I told you I wanted you to meet someone. Gauri says I will meet that person tomorrow.

Precap-Kali texts Yug from Gauri’s number to meet her at cafe. He is excited to get the text. Kali says I will take you to your gauri.

Written Update By Atiba


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