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Kaala Teeka 30th April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Manjiri says to Gauri we dance on this day. Vishwa says for a few moments please come out. Gauri says in heart there won’t be any celebration. I hope leela does something. The haavaan starts. Kali comes. Yug says who can stop those who have a heart. Kali says yeah lets see.
gauri says where is dadi. Leela says something to a woman, Kali says in heart why is dadi standing there? is she still mad at me? Pandit says bride’s pooja is over. Yug comes. Kali comes to leela and says why are you standing here dadi? You look worried? Leela says I am fine. Kali says I know you will take time to accept me but I have considered you my dadi. I will make my place in your heart. Leela says if you consider me yours then will you do something for me? Kali says for sure I will. Leela says won’t you say no? Kali says no. Leela says there is a pooja that bride does for groom’s long life. I want you to do this for yug. But I knew you won’t do this. I lost my husband. Kali says I will do it. Don’t worry. Leela says long live. This pooja is done three days before, no one should know about it. Come to temple at night in bride’s attire.
Vishwa comes and says what is going on? kali says dadi was telling me that dress will be placed in temple first. VIshwa says very nice.
Kali says to leela why do you want to keep it secret? Leela says thats how it is. Kali says how will I come alone? Leela hugs her and says you ask a lot of questions.

Scene 2
At night, Kali packs her dress in a bag. She says is it right to go alone so late? She sneaks outside. Neel is coming there. Kali hides.
Leela reaches the temple and so does kali in bridal attire. Yug is on his way with bangle. he says Kali I am coming to surprise you. I love the expression on your face when I surprise you. He drives past the temple.
Pandit ji comes. He says we are preparing for pooja. Wait a little.
Someone is coming towards kali. She turns back, its aryan. Kali is dazed. She recalls everything.

Yug is sneaking in, Manjiri grasps his ear. She says what are you doing here? He says I came here with bangle. Manjiri says Kali is sleeping don’t disturb her. Go out.
Gauri is sleeping in Kali’s bed. She says thank God they didn’t come in.

Kali says to aryan you here? He says you here so late? Kali says I was here for pooja. Why are you here? He says I am getting married. Kali says congrats. He says I am sorry for what I did. Kali says its okay. He says can I help you? Kali says no thanks. He takes out mangalsutra. He says how is it? Will she like it? Kali says its very good. She will love it. Congrats. He says thanks a lot. you do your pooja. I will wait downstairs.
Aryan calls leela. Leela says is it done? He says yes just like you wanted. Leela says Gauri has done her work too.
Kali does her pooja.

Precap-Kali’s sangeet is on going. Everyone dances.

Written Update by Atiba

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