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Kaala Teeka 3rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

kaala teeka watch online

Scene 1
After 14 years:
Kali is on the cliff, prays. She says bady papa is coming back after 14 years. our family got scattered. I will tell him truth. I will tell him everything kalyani did I hope he will listen to me. I have always been with gauri.

Kali is near cliff taking selfies. She is fashionable. She says there is only one queen. She is about to slip. Kali comes and saves her. Kali hugs gauri. Gauri shoves her and says you are standing on my phone. Kali says lets go home. Gauri says yeah.

Kalyani is home. She hits kali. And what is the use of this kala teeka if gauri was harmed.
Kali is in Kalyani’s feet. Kalyani says I forgive you, like I forgave manjiri’s murder to you. Kali recalls how kalyanu killed Manjiri. mad says why you forgave her. She picks kali and scratches her arm with her bangles. She says tit for tat. Kalyani says very good. Now our doll will feel better. Gauri is busy in her phone. She says what the hell. Manjiri says you make me shout a lot. Darling ji is coming after 14 years. Kalyani says don’t shout you have to look beautiful. Leave all this upto me. Mad says you are right. One two three.. I lovely. Mad says to servant make this kali wear the chain. You have done this drama 14 years ago. You can’t roam in this house. Kali says bady papa is coming. I have to prepare. Kalyani says shut up. Gauri says I will do that. You all leave. They leave. Gauri says we have to go to singing competition lets go. Kali says I have to prepare for bady papa coming. Gauri says no you have to come with me.

Neel is fixing the buld. Kalyani shakes his stool and scares him. She says why is it taking you so long? Swami comes in. Kalyani says should I go? He says yes.
Kalyani says to Swami when you came? He says yes. Kalyani says prohit called, they have left form jail. They will be here in few minutes. I did so much pooja for him.
Kalyani says he has lived in jail for 14 years and the moment has come that we all waited for. Swami sees Gauri and Kali. He says where is gauri going? Kayani says I am tired to keep this girl under control but she never listens. After 14 years her dad is coming back, she has left. Today in the morning, she was taking selfies at the cliff and was about to fall. What would we answer Vishwa if something had happened? He trusted me with her. I couldn’t do it. He says I know how well you have raised gauri. If she is stubborn, then thats her nature. Don’t blame yourself. You are a good mother. You owned Neel and nurtured him. Neel looks the other side. Swami goes to temple. He says the girl you went jail for, I have made her a girl that you will be ashamed to call your brother. and Kali she has no worth. Gauri will cut your liver every day. You will die every day. Kalyani has done it so well.

gauri and kali are on the way. They are stuck in traffic. Kali says bady papa is coming home, we should go home. Gauri says you want me to lose? Kali says no its not like that.
Gauri says I am getting late. Kali says ram ji says.. Gauri says don’t say all that. Ask him to clear the traffic.
A guy is hitting thugs on the road. Gauri says your ram ji is chilling that is why traffic is not clear. Lets go. GAuri goes out. Kali goes after her. Gauri says I would have hit him if I had time.
The guy takes rakhi from and says get it tied from your sisters and next time you do this, I will tie it in your throat.

Precap-Kali is singing, that guys sees her singing.

Written Update By Atiba


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