Kaala Teeka 29th July 2016 Written Update

Kaala Teeka 29th July 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kaala Teeka 29th July 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Gauri says in court, I was madly in love with him. I didn’t know he would take advantage of that. I tried to stop him but he was out of his mind and did what he shouldn’t have. He didn’t listen to me. Judge says do you wanna say something Yug, in your defense? Yug is silent. Judge says this means you accept your crime. Yug says yes. Kali stands up and says no. He doesn’t plead guilty. Judge says who are you? Kali says I am his wife and I want to say in his defense. Judge says court doesn’t allow people to talk in middle. Kali says I know all about the case and have information. She has accused my husband. Isn’t a wife even allowed to protect her husband? Judge says this is a special case so we allow you to have a word. You have only one chance. Kali says thank you so much your honor.
Kali says the story Miss Gauri is pilling up doesn’t prove my husband abused her. Gauri says your husband abused me and I would pile up stories? Judge asks Gauri to stay quite. Kali says first of all, Miss Gauri said Yug locked and bolted the door and that is why she couldn’t run but truth is that there was no bolt in the door that day. Bolt was fitted there yesterday. Gauri says she is lying. She is trying to save her husband with all these lies. There was a bolt there. It might have broken. Kali says I have a proof can I present it? Judge says yes. Kali looks at Chulbuli, she brings in a man. Kali says this man is the one who fitted the bolt there. Judge says come in the witness box. The man stands in witness box. Kali says your name? He says Ram Parsad. Kali says your occupation? He says I am a carpenter. Kali says when were you asked by care taker to fit a bolt? He says yesterday. I fitted it there yesterday. Kali says please not this point your honor. I have another proof. Kali looks at Leela, Leela gives broken cup to Kali.
Kali says Ms. Jha do you recognize this cup? Gauri is silent. Kali says is your memory weak? Why are you not saying anything? Gauri says is the cup Yug drinks his coffee in. Kali says then when you went to guest house was Yug having coffee? Gauri says yes. Kali says that day there was something else in this cup with coffee and here is the toxic report. She presents the report to judge. He reads the report. Judge says Ethrophenol? Kali says yes. This weakens a person’s senses. It makes people slave of their natural instincts and people lose their controls and they can be used by anyone. This is why Yug doesn’t remember anything about that day. Gauri says she is making stories. Kali says why didn’t you scream for help? Why didn’t anyone hear you in neighborhood? You would have attacked yug and why aren’t there any marks on your body? And not even on Yug’s body. Because you are a liar. Kali says Your honor, if you should know who the victim is, its my husband. He has been sinned with. Someone used my husband. If you want to punish someone punish this Gauri Jha, For rape, for criminal conspiracy, for misleading police giving false information. Gauri says this is all lie. I won’t know.
Judge says we will only decide after looking at the proofs. This court is suspended for lunch. Kali says Gauri you won’t be able to do anything now. Gauri says we will see. Kali says after some moments your life will be changed forever.

In the recess, Leela says Yug nothing would happen to you when Kali is your wife. She broke that Gauri’s face. Yug says where did you find these proofs? Kali says when you have to protect someone so much, Ramji helps you in saving them.
Gauri sees that girl who was gardener at guest house. Gauri says what are you doing here? She says Manjiri came to my neighborhood. I will tell court everything.
Kali says in court, I gave so many proofs. Judge says yug did everything under the effect of medicine but there is no proof that Gauri mixed that medicine. Yug might have planned it himself to save himself. This is truth that we have proofs but they are not strong enough that they should be. So this court send Yug to 20 days police remand. Everyone is dazed.
Manjiri comes in and says wait a minute judge. Manjiri says please watch this video once befire announcing your verdict. Judge says you are disturbing the session. Manjiri says I am sorry but this is about someone’s life. Judge says arrange TV to play this recording.

Gauri grasps that gardener’s hair and says you will threaten Gauri Jha? I was giving you money you were happy back then. You are trapping your own brother in law in a fake case. I mixed that medicine in Yug’s coffee because you asked. After drinking that you.. Ew. Gauri says get out of here. You poor people forget your worth.
Judge says after seeing all the proofs this court declares Yug innocent and sentences Gauri to two months prison for fooling the police and court and one more month for misusing women rights.

Precap-Kali says I always considered you a sister. Gauri says you were always my Kaala Teeka. What have you ever done for me? I won’t let you two live in peace, keep that in mind.

Written Update by Atiba

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