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Kaala Teeka 29th August 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Kali is playing with Naina and says you are my doll. Leela comes and says she was crying at night? Kali says it was blackout she woke up so started crying. yug says when kids see nightmares they cry and that means they are under bad eye. Tie this black thread on her wrist. Why there is no Kala teeka on her? Kali is shocked. She recalls herself being called a Kala teeka. Kali says the superstition that made me a slave all my life, I won’t let that happen to my daughter. Yug says I am her father. Kali says where was her dad when we were fighting for our lives? Last decision would be mine. What is wrong with you Yug? Manjiri says he has walked to far in superstition. This is your daughter Kali. she will be like what you want.

Sharmila says Kali did a sixer on first ball. She made Leela and Yug shut up. Now get ready Gauri everything will change.
Yug says how she decide things? She is my daughter as well. Gauri comes in and says why are you worrying so much for her? yug says Naina is my daughter as well. Gauri says do you wanna marry Kali again now? Yug says shut up. Gauri grasps his collar and says do you even worry that your own daughter is missing. I want my daughter back.

Kali says to Manjiri how can Yug change this much? Manjiri says vishwa made him that way. There was a time when Chaudhary textile was at verge of auction. Vishwa in name of help, bought everything. Since then everything is the way he wants. Kali says how that make Yug believe in superstition? Manjiri says everything has changed.

Kali is playing with Naina. servant collides with Vishwa. His hand burn. Prohit says vishwa did you notice something? Your hand was burned when we were in temple. And this Kali she didn’t die either. Vishwa says what you mean? Prohit says see the signs. Vishwa says I don’t get anything. Prohit says do what you couldn’t that night. Find that girl and kill her.
Vishwa asks Yug about the daughter? Yug says nothing could be found. Leela says we wanna do havan for Naina. Vishwa says whats the need? Yug says she is my daughter as well. I want this havan as well. Vishwa says okay I will ask Pandit ji as well. Gauri says how can you do this papa? No one cares about my daughter. Yug says I just met inspector. And this child is mine as well and I want to take her responsibility as well.

Kali says how can I pretend being her real mother in front of fire. Manjiri says the woman who gives birth isn’t the mother all the time. Yashoda was Krishna’s maa even though she didn’t give him birth. Kali says but Yug and Gauri would be there as well and they have nothing to do with her.

At night, Kali is asleep in her room. Someone comes and picks Naina from cradle. Its Gauri. Gauri walks towards the door and looks at the baby. Gauri throws the baby out of the window. The baby falls in a truck.

Scene 2
Next morning, Kali wakes up and finds Naina isn’t in her cradle. Manjiri asks what happened? Kali says Naina isn’t in the cradle. Manjiri says don’t tell anyone yet. Look out I will look inside. Go. Kali goes out and looks for her.
Leela says in hall lets go we are late for the havan. Manjiri says she won’t come. She has left for the temple already. You were all asleep. Leela says how can she do this. We all had to go together. Manjiri says you can’t impose your decisions on her. She is the mother. Yug says we should leave too. Gauri wonders why is Kali not making any noise.

Kali is looking for Naina. She asks different people. Kali runs here and there. she is crying on the road. The baby is in a truck. Kali sees a maazar and prays there. Kali says please give me my Naina back. Kali hears aazan. She prays there. The truck drives past here. Naina’s cloth falls out of it. Kali sees it. Kali runs after the truck. Kali screams for help and asks the truck to stop but they don’t listen. Kali runs after it. Kali misses the truck. She runs madly on the road.
The driver hears a baby crying. They are unloading the truck. Naina falls our with the garbage.

Precap-Kali comes there and asks a hermaphrodite have you seen a baby? She says some three men took a baby from here. Go run after them.

Written Update by Atiba

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