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Kaala Teeka 29th April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Gauri throws stuff in her room in anger. She says everything is okay with kali. She throws away the oil pot. Leela picks and smells it. Leela says when I was your age I was just like you outspoken. Used to do whatever I want. But later on realized. You eat warm things slowly. The balance of power requires you to keep the balance straight. Gauri says what are you saying. Leela says you immature yet. Wanna marry yug? Gauri nods. Leela says then do as I ask. In this game I am your captain and good player listens to the captain.

Leela comes home and says Kali doesn’t know me. I can do anything for our family name. She looks at her husband’s picture and says I promise no one can defame you. She blows all the candles..
Kali comes to her room and sees Kali Yug written on the wall. She turns back all her pictures with yug are there. Their childhood photo too.Kali smiles in tears and hugs that picture. She recalls when he confessed. Yug calls kali.
Leela says don’t worry. She will never be part of this house. I want her kundli in my yug’s life but she wont become part of this house.I will blow her candles.
Yug says to Kali dadi will love you like bady papa does now. Everything is okay now.

Scene 2
Next morning, its Kali’s bridal shower. Neel and Vishwa bring her in. Manjiri cleans her feet. Yug is watching from behind the curtain. A woman says to gauri come. Kali sees yug and smiles. Kali is taken near well. Gauri sees the rope in her feet. She is about to stop her but then recalls yug confessing and kali slapping her. Kali says in heart always take care of Yug God. Gauri jumps in the well and pretend like she has slipped. She hangs with the bucket. Kali screams gauri. Don’t leave it.
Everyone runs to save her. Yug comes in as well. They pull her up.
Kali says couldn’t you see? Were you taking a selfie? She hugs her. Vishwa says she is all right. No one will talk about it. Kali’s love will always save her.

Chulbul tells leela about what happened. Leela says she is so stupid.
Mehndi starts. Yug sees kali coming and says you look so good. She sits with him.
The girl is about to write yug’s nam. Gauri says stop. Write in hindi and English both. i am bringing paper. Cover kali’s eyes. She shouldn’t know where is yug’s name. She will help him. Gauri writes Aryan in english. Leela says write in hindi first.
On the side, Leela slaps Gauri. Gauri says what the hell. Leela says this is not your game. Only one son I have. What if he marries her, don’t mess my game up. better understand. Gauri says otherwise what? leela says then rot with her. I will cross any limit to break this marriage. You and I want the same thing.

Precap-Leela says on call yes whats the news? Is it done? Gauri is doing her work too. She says their relation’s countdown has started.

Written Update by Atiba

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