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Kaala Teeka 28th June 2016 Written Update

like to see? He has planned a movie in office with her on projector. Kali says why was it needed? He says because pishima said you never watched movie in theater. Kali says thank you Yug. He says pleasure is all mine. Yug starts the movie. Yug gives Kali popcorn. The song ‘hasi’ plays in background. Yug holds Kali’s hand.
Leela puts kajal in her eyes. She comes out. Chulbul screams.. blood.. leela says what? Chulbul says her eyes are bleeding. Leela says my head hurts. Leela sees blood dripping from her eyes. Leela says call yug.
Yug comes close to Kali to kiss her, his phone rings. Chulbul says yug come home maaj’s eyes are bleeding.

Yug and Kali come home. Doctor checks lela and says that happened because of that Kajal. Use these eye drops. Yug says isn’t it weird. He tongue was swell and now this. Doctor says maybe kajal was expired. She will be okay soon. Bring ice bag and put it on her eyes. leela says in heart how i keep them away from each other. Leela says my heart is drowning. Can you sleep here tonight Kali? yug says what are you saying? I mean I can sleep with you if you want. Bijli whispers its the same thing. Raghu says whats happening. Yug says I will stay with dadi. Raghu says that is not needed I will sleep with maa. You go take care of Kali. Bijli says I am here you all don’t have to worry.

Kali recalls what Leela said. Yug comes and hugs her from back. He says its late and about to rain. Lets go inside. What are you thinking? Kali says nothing. Yug says what happened? Kali says I was thinking about dadi. Yug says she will be fine. she is so tough. He says close your eyes and now open it.
Its a locket he has made with his childhood ring. Kali smiles in tears. yug says giving back whats yours. Kali hugs him and says thank you Yug. Yug says lets go now. They hear

Raghu shouting thief thief.. Yug and Kali run downstairs.
Yug sees someone and is about to hit her.. Its leela. Yug says its dadi. Kali says holds her.. Leela is about to fall. Raghhu says what are you doing dadi.
Chulbul says she has started walking in sleep. Kali says dadi ji open your eyes. Chulbul says let me bring water. She throws water on Leela. Leela wakes up with scream and says who threw water on me? Everyone points at chulbul. leela says when did I start sleep walking. Leela says why are you all looking at me like this? Yug says calm down please. Leela says how I came here? I was asleep in my room. Bijli says you were sleeping in your room. The I heard noise we came to hall and you were walking like a ghost in hall. Leela says this never happened before. There is something wrong. Yug says we should consult a doctor. Kali says maybe this was due to medicine. Kali says rest in your room. Leela says I wont go in that room. There is something wrong there. Chulbul says but it never happened before. If something is here, I will go to my mom’s place. Yug says there is no such thing. Kali says I will sleep with you dadi. Nothing will happen. Leela says okay come.
Kali and Yug look at each other.

Precap-Kali says Yug have tea. She says I think he has gone to shopping. Yug comes topless and hugs Kali. He is about to kiss her.

Written Update by Atiba

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