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Kaala Teeka 28th April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Manjiri comes to leela. Leela says now I know who ruined my yug’s mentality. We gave you a life and what you became? We should have left you on road to die. Would have been in a dancing hotel now. Manjiri says enough. I have heard all this from years. I have Brahmin. But birth doesn’t make you that. your mentality does. Mentality makes kali a brahmin too. You have seen her kundli. She is seeta. And kali and yug love each other. Love crosses all the limits. There is no society or rule. If you wanna save your family say yes for this relation.

Kali says if something happens to Gauri this family will break. Take care of her God.
VIshwa comes in with gauri. Kali gives her parsad. Gauri says ask her to leave. Vishwa says don’t say that. Vishwa says Kali go in your room. Gauri is not well. Gauri says I am in my senses. Nothing will fix. You are my kala teeka. I considered you a sister and what you returned me with? You think it will all be like you want? I am Gauri jha. Kali leaves. Leela comes in and says gauri is right. Kali you think everything will be like you want? No one even knows your parents. And now want to be yug’s wife. Even if Ram says I will never make her my daughter in law. But you were raised in Jha’s house and kundli is something that I can’t say no to. Manjiri says you are saying yes? Leela says there is no reason to say no. To save my yug’s life. She says come in. Chulbul comes in with shagun. Leela says its yes form my side. Gauri says I really love yug he is only mine. What is she saying. She goes crying to her room. Kali touches Leela’s feet.
Leela says there will be a havan and kali will prepare for it. Let start rituals from tomorrow.

Yug comes to Kali’s room and smiles. Kali says what are you doing here. Someone will see you.He says you are my wife to be. I told you dadi will agree. She says I am not your wife. What if bady papa sees. He pulls her and says he will say come damaad ji.Kali says he will hit you. Yug says pishima will handle. Someone knocks the door.
its Manjiri. Kali I was busy in work. Manjiri says your bady papa has done so much shopping. Vishwa says hope you will like it. You have so many favors on us. I never gave you anything.
Manjiri shows her all the dresses. Vishwa says red for the wedding. Vishwa says I haveto prepare for the havan.
Kali opens closet yug is still there. Manjiri sees him.

Gauri recalls what yug said. She cries and sees Kali and her picture. Kali gives a pot to servant and says fill it with oil.
The havan starts. Kali comes dressed in orange. Yug smiles at her. Kali puts oil in fire. It blows. Pandit says this is wrong. What has happened. Gauri says there is more to happen. She took my happiness. Vishwa says its nothing. Fire it again. Gauri says to leela even can’t you see? Yug says gauri enough. Leela says gauri is right. But that doesn’t make Kali bad. Someone put water instead of oil. Its not kali’s mistake. Gauri leaves in anger. Gauri goes to her room and throws away pot in anger.

Precap-Leela says to gauri wanna marry yug? Do as I ask. I am your captain in this game.

Written Update by Atiba

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