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Kaala Teeka 28th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Kalyani comes in Gauri’s room and sees someone asleep on gauri’s bed with all body covered. She thinks its gauri and stabs her with an axe. There is blood on the sheet. SHe says I have killed Gauri.
Kalyani says now I will make her drink Gauri’s blood and tell her that she is not mad. She takes off the sheet there are only pillows under and some blood packet.
Kali comes there as devi. Kalyani says I have not done anything. Kali comes near her and she faints. Manjiri says to kali I have recorded everything. Kali says yes we will tell everyone tryth. Kalyani opens her eyes/

Vishwa, swami and neel are in temple. Neel says why is chachi not in? Swami says only men are allowed here. Pandit ji says are you worried for your daughter? He says I am 24/7 worried for her. She has been troubled since she is born. I want her to have fate like maa seeta. Please do something guru ji. Why it happens that whenever my daughter smiles, she has some trouble. Why does this happen?

Manjiri and kali are sneaking out with Gauri. Kalyani comes out and says stop. She says who is there? My head hurts. Everything is blur. Dahi bhundi. Neelu. Swami.. is there someone? I can’t see anything. Manjiri says it can be her trick. Kali says there are stairs. Kayani pretends like she is about to fall, then she holds the pillar. Sh says what is happening. Kali says is she blind? Manjiri says maybe this is because of faintness. SHe says I have lost. Give me my eyes back. I am sorry God.

Manjiri brings gauri in her room. Manjiri says kai stay here and take care of Gauri. Kali says nothing will happen to you Gauri. I am here for you.
Vishwa says till when will I use that kala teeka for my daughter? This is getting weird. When they are together it creates troubles, when they are not it creates trouble. And Gauri is always asking for kali. Like everything is relying on kali. Guru says why don’t you make a kubndli for her? vishwa says I did. Its showed that their fates are combined. Guru says you have answer then. You have tried so many times to separate them. But fate brings them together. if you had seen Gauri’s kundli properly you would have seen that she is still in trouble.

Manjiri says to kali I haver charged the phone. After that everyone will know that truth and your bady papa wont hate you after that.
Vishwa says I hate that kali. swami says how can you make an alive girl kala teeka. She is not a kajal. A breathing human brings her fate. Vishwa says you can’t understand why I did this. You left home. and you you even weren’t here on your son’s birth. I did everything to save my daughter. You can’t understand this. You don’t know what it feels like to be a daughter’s father.

Precap-Guru says gauri and kali are nothing without each other. Dahi comes and says gauri is not in her room. Manjiri is worried.

Written Update By Atiba


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