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Kaala Teeka 27th June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Yug says now Kali will say a few words to all of you. Give her a big hand. He claps. Kali is in tears. Kali says I love you yug. She hugs him. Leela says chulbul is food ready or not? Leela says that Kali has left with Yug and isn’t back. Chulbul says you ate pan? Food is ready. Leela says are they back? Chulbul says no have they gone to celebrate honeymoon? Leela says shut up. Chulbul says see your tongue why is it black. Chulbul shows her mirror. Raghu comes and says what happened? Yug and Kali come too. Chulbul says I don’t know what has happened to her. Her tongue is black and she can’t even speak. Leela says what did you eat? Yug says let me call doctor. Kali brings ice and says this will make you feel better. Leela says no. Yug says dadi take it you will feel better. Leela takes the ice from her hands.
Doctor comes and checks Leela. He says its better that Kali gave her ice. It will take days. yug goes out. Leela says this has all happened because of Kali. Chulbul says you left the pooja in middle. Kali says but doctor said its allergy. Leela says don’t tell me whats right. This has happened because of you. Kali says I didn’t go myself, Yug took me. Leela goes out.

At temple, Leela does pooja. All the pundits are busy. Leela sees that idol is about to fall. She tries to say but no one can listen to her. The idol falls. Pandit says this has happened because if her she has black tongue. She knows black magic perhaps. This is so bad. Pandit says there is only one remorse. Leela says I will do it. Pandit ji says you have to walk on coals. Leela imagines walking on coals and screams. Leela says please let me go.
Kali gives tea to Yug. He is busy in his phone. yug says where is your phone? He says it was ringing. Kali says must be customer care. No one else calls me. Yug laughs and says can be important. Kali says you are in front of me who would text me. Yug shows her the text and says see this. Yug says so this is why you were being so impatient? He says yeah. Kali smiles. Chulbul comes she says iron the clothes. Chulbul says maa ji went to temple and they are enjoying here. She has made me her spy.
A woman saves and conceals leela from the pandits. She says run. leela comes near her car. Leela says thank you, you saved my life. She says I saw a movie, the hero said only one saves, God. I did what he asked me to do. Leela says whats your name? She says God named me biscuit but people call me bijli. I am equally quick with work. Leela says are you brahmin? She says yes. i was born in temple. I used to make parsads. Just because of time, I am here. Leela says what happened? She says hero said in the movie it all happens because of money. I am looking for money. Leela says can you cook? She says yes. Leela says come with me. Bijli says will you pay? leela says 5k per month? Bijli says okay.
pandit comes and says there is black shadow on you. That is why you tongue turned black. You made a girl with low class your daughter in law. You will regret. Leela says I am regretting already. Tell me a solution. Pandit says separate them.
Leela is on he way home. She says why are there so many crows? Bijli says was that baba right? Is there some black shadow on you?

Yug has made a movie plan with Kali. He says how will i look at movie when you look so good? Kali smiles. Kali says should we go? Yug says yes why? Kali says dadi is not well. Yug says its just allergy. I know her she is tough. she went to temple alone. If it was serious I won’t have booked tickets.
Yug and Kali are leaving. Leela comes in. Yug says was pooja well? Leela says yes. She says meet her. She is bijli. Bijli says I am bijli. Yug says I am Yug. Yug says this is my wife Kali. Yug says we were going for movie. Leela recalls what baba said. Yug says you should rest dadi. Lets go Kali. He gets a call. Raghu says Yug mumbai party is cancelling the deal. Come to office. Yug says I was going for movie. Raghu says they are leaving. Yug says okay I am coming. Kali says its okay you should go I will watch movie later. He says but I wanted to spend time with you. Kali says this is more important.

Precap-Leela pits Kajal in her eyes. She coughs. Chulbul sees her and screams. She says maa ji’s eyes are bleeding.

Written Update by Atiba

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