Kaala Teeka 27th July 2016 Written Update

Kaala Teeka 27th July 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kaala Teeka 27th July 2016 Written Update

Yug sees himself in the mirror, he recalls what Gauri said. Yug breaks the glass. Kali comes and stops him. Kali says are you out of your mind? He says I betrayed you. Kali says Gauri betrayed me. I trust you, you can never do anything wrong. We are each other’s power not weakness. We are together nothing is difficult. Everything will be okay. Lets go somewhere. We will think all this later. Smile. Get ready I will get ready too.
Yug gets dressed up. He says where is the key? gauri comes there singing a song. Gauri has the keys. Yug tries to take it from her. Yug says give me the keys. Gauri says why are you shy? You weren’t shy that day. Yug says shut up and give me keys. Gauri says everything I have is yours. Yug says you can’t trap me in all this. Gauri says that day you were different, oh okay. Your wife is home that is why you are pretending. Gauri holds his hand, Yug shoves her away. Gauri says lets recall everythig. This is my statement. After listening to this you will know how you raped me that day. Don’t worry let me read it. I went to ask yug how he is. I wanted to know if he wants to send some message to Kali. Yug grabbed me. I tried to run out but Yug shut and bolted the door. Then Yug shoved me on table the cup broke too. Then Yug held my hand.. Yug says enough gauri please.
Kali comes there and grasps Gauri’s arm. Gauri says Kali leave my arm. Kali says you enjoy hurting my husband right? Yug says leave her Kali. Kali says I will show her what I can do. Gauri says how dare you. Kali says you will regret because you made a mistake. This time I won’t even let you remorse.

Scene 2
Neel and Shamrila are in court to meet lawyer. Lawyer says you should reconcile. Sharmila says we dont want a suggestion. Lawyer says you are not married for one year, according to law you have to stay together for six months. Sharmila says what is this. He says law is law.

Kali comes to guest house and says I will find some proof against Gauri here. Kali rummages everywhere. Kali’s phone rings. Its Manjirii. Manjiri asks have you reached?Kali says yes I am there. Manjiri asks are there any houses near by? Kali says yes. Manjiri says ask them if they heard any noise. Kali says yes I should.
Kali asks different neighbors if they heard any noises. Kali says they are all saying no. Show me some way God. Kali sees a dog. She sees a broken cup in the dustbin near the dog.
She recalls yug saying I wasn’t in senses. Kali says this cup will take me to truth.
Kali comes to lab and says I wanted to test the chemical in this cup. He says we can’t test unless police asks us to. Kali please it is about my family. He says okay let me check. Kali says thank you so much sir. Kali is worried and waiting. He says the substance is not easy to test because there is less chemical. If you find other part to then we might test that. Kali says let me go find it too. He says come before 2 labs are closed after that.
Kali comes back to guest house and checks, Kali looks for other part of the cup. Kali says when I came there in morning this bolt wasn’t there I guess. I don’t remember properly. Kali asks caretaker that Yug stayed there. The bolt wasn’t there before. He says carpenter came today and put it there. Kali recalls Gauri says yug bolted the door. Kali says so that proves the lie. I have to find other part of the cup. She sees Leela there. Kali says what is dadi doing here? There is a car coming behind Leela. The car hits leela and she falls down. Kali scream..

Yug’s phone rings. Gauri takes it. Yug says give me my phone it might be Kali. Gauri says you only care about Kali. Gauri says you don’t see my love? I won’t go away from you. I will always stay near you. Yug says stop it. Gauri says I love you the most in this world. Look at me once. Yug leaves.
Gauri sees yug’s phone ringing and says I won’t let you talk to him Kali.
Manjiri comes to hospital and asks how is maji? Kali says she is hurt and shocked. Kali says I called yug but his phone got off. Kali says I asked her not to come she came there still. Manjiri says she might be worried for you. Kali says I have to go to lab and get is tested but dadi here. Manjiri says I am here with her and I will take care of her. Kali says we can take her home. Manjiri says I will handle all that, you go and get it tested.
Kali says only 10 minutes are left. She looks for the other piece in garbage. Kali finds the other piece.

Precap-Police comes to arrest Yug. Kali says do you have warrant? He says yes and shows it to her. Chulbuli says where di warrant come from so soon?

Written Update by Atiba

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