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Kaala Teeka 27th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Yug slips, Kali holds him. She smiles. He says lets go. He says there are so many women inside. Kali says lets go from window.
Chulbul says to leela I feel like yug must be in trouble.
Vishwa says I am really worried for Gauri. Kalyani says she has just gone to patna, she will come back.
Yug says to the girl we are here to save you. She says did sharmila send you? He says you can consider me your brother, i will take you to Shavan. She hugs him. He says lets go from here. The clamber out of window.
Gauri is worried for her audition. She says where is kali? How will I sing here without her? She calls home. Kalyani says how are you? I have calmed vishwa, he was coming after you. Gauri says I can’t come back. I am in a total mess. Give phone to Kali. Kalyani says she has gone to patna with you? Gauri says hasn’t she reached home? I don’t know where has she gone. I will come back and tell you everything. Don’t say anything to anyone at the moment. She says I hope kali is safe.
Kalyani says where has this kali gone?

All three of them sit in the car. Yug’s car is not starting. Kali says your car is a betrayer the car starts. Everyone comes and see that the bride has ran away. The men go after them.
Shavan says thank you for this favor. yug says promise me you will never hurt her. He says never. She says you both are ram seeta for us. Yug gives some money to the girl and says consider it from a brother. He says let me call sharmila and tell her that mission is accomplished. Yug sees the family coming. He asks the couple to go in forest.

Two men come to gauri and say we will get your work done with CD. just wait a little. Gauri says thank you so much. I am waiting here. She gives them her CD.
Yug says kali you have phone? She says I don’t have phone. He says what? Are you from 20 years ago? She says I never needed it. Their car is broken. He says they both looked really good together. It feels good to unite two lovers.

Chulbul reads newspaper and says kidnapping is happening a lot these days. Leela says what? She says good boys are being abducted by thugs. I think that Vishwa has abducted our yug. He was mad after our prince. Kali sees the thugs coming. She says yug look there. Kali sees a cycle and says you know to ride it? They sit on the cycle and rush from there.
The jeep of thugs stop. It breaks. They says where have they ran? They run after yug and kali. Kali and yug slip from the cycle. They hide in the jungle. Kali says my cycle idea worked. He says yes your plans are awesome. She says think about patna now. HE says where are you slippers? She says you can wear mine. Kali says they are large, I will fall. He says will you walk like this? She says its okay. He takes out his shoes. Kali says why are you doing it? He says we are partners in crime. Both of us will walk bare feet. Kali says you’re totally mad. He says yes, lets go. Kali says in heart I hope gauri is okay.

Leela comes to Vishwa’s place. He says please come in sit. Leela says you have lost all? Vishwa says what you mean? Leela says where is my yug? Vishwa says how would I know? Leela says where have you abducted my son? When you came with the proposal you were pretending to be a sober man. Now you have shown your reality. You have kidnapped my Yug. Vishwa says calm down, you have some misunderstanding. I have no idea where your son is. Leela says where is your daughter? Vishwa says she is in Patna. Chul says dont make stories now. Mad says like you know everything? Vishwa says this is a false accusation, Kalyani says bring my son or call your daughter. I am sure she is with my son. Vishwa says I will prove that she is not with your son. Kalyani says you have murdered, kidnapping is not a big thing for you. Vishwa says you are accusing me. Leela says if something happens to my son, I will ruin your life. They leave.

Yug says where should we go? I can’t see a way. Kali drops a leaf and says we should go that way. Yug says no we should go this direction. She says you are confused. He says girls have weak direction sense. She says let me see here and you check there, we will call the other. He says you talk like Pishima. She says I am sure she must be a lot better than me, He says Pishima would have said the same. Kali starts walking. He says I am sure you are scared. Kali starts walking. yug says this path is not going anywhere. Kali was right. Kali sees the thugs coming. She hides behind a tree.

Precap-Yug fights the thugs. He is injured. Kali says yug open your eyes. she screams for help.

Written Update By Atiba


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