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Kaala Teeka 27th April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Yug says swear and tell me that you don’t love me. He says speak up. Kali starts crying. She sits down. Kali says I never wanted to come between Gauri’s happiness. I don’t when this all happened. Garui says what the hell are you saying. She says you are lying. Kali says no. Gauri takes her to kitchen and locks it. Gauri says I made a mistake. I forgave you. always. Enough. I kept you like a sister and what you did. Now I will tell what I can do. Vishwa says open the door. Kali says I mean you no harm. Gauri takes out poison. Kali says I love you. Gauri says will you drink poison for me? You won’t. I love yug and I can do anything for him. You and yug love each other. How can you do this to me. You knew I loved him. I will drink this. Kali says don’t do this. Gauri says don’t come near I will drink it. I will count till 10. Drink it or i will. She counts 10.. 9.. 8.. 7..6.. .5.. 4.. 3..2.. Will you drink it? Vishwa says no kali. Beta don’t drink it. Gauri says what. She drinks it. Kali opens the door. They take her to hospital in emergency. yug says lets go kali. Kali says I won’t go. I love gauri but that wont change a thing. Bady papa will think gauri recovered because I was there as her kala teeka. Yug leaves.

Gauri is taken in emergency. Kali is praying for him. Vishwa says I am going to do tap for her. Manjiri says she doens’t need that. She needs prayers only. Yug comes in. Vishwa says where is kali? yug says she won’t come. Gauri only need prayers but she can’t act like a kalateeka anymore. She will only pray for her.
Chulbul tells leela. Leela says this means only one thing. Her ego is hurt.I think yug told her that he loved kali. Chulbul says yes right.

Vishwa says manjiri let me go. Manjiri says I won’t let you do this. Yug says if we let you go today you won’t come back from path of blind beliefs. Vishwwa says let me go. Manjiri says kali’s prayers are stronger. Nothing will happen to her. He asides her. Doctor comes and says your daughter is conscious. Vishwa says but her kala teeka is not here. Gauri recovered without kali. Manjiri says yes she recovered without kala teeka. Go and see her inside. Vishwa says yug will you do something for me? He nods.
Yug comes to hospital with kali. Kali sees Gauri in the OT. She says thank you ramji. Vishwa says daughter.. Kali turns back. Vishwa binds his hands and says forgive me. I considered your prayers kala tekka. I committed a sin. I made you kala tekka. Forgive me. I will make up for my sins. you are Kali from now. A beautiful bud. Not Kaali. And yes, I am your bady papa. Kali nods. Yug says pishima kali was right. She broke it. Vishwa says as your father I will convince. I believe she will understand. I will go to leela to ask for yug. I will request her like I did for Gauri. He says yug.. He takes his hand and places in kali’s. He hugs them both. Leela comes and says wow. Without talking to me you thought you could convince me? is this a joke? Yug says I will talk to her. Manjiri says no. The one who called kali daughter will talk to her.

Yug says to leela I can understand this is tough for you. i wanted my daughter in this house. Fate has something else written. Leela says this is like impuring our generation. No body brings servants and beggars home. Go leave my house. This can’t happen ever. I won’t let this happen. Manjiri says I will talk to her. She goes after leela.
Yug comes and says kali you were quite all the time. why are you avoiding me? Kali says no. He says you didn’t even look at me. He says this is not easy but this is not a sin.We were honest and thats right. Kali says but because of that Gauri’s life is endangered. Gauri says she is not a child.She is stubborn, I couldn’t love her that way. She will realize that she need someone who loves her by heart. You are tensed because of dadi. Whatever she decides I will always be with you. We have so far. Together.

Precap-Leela says wait, don’t come forward. Manjiri says love doesn’t take society’s rules and classes into account. Thats why if you wanna save your family from breaking then say yes for this relation.

Written Update by Atiba

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