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Kaala Teeka 26th May 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
yug and sattu come. Yug gives kali rope and says try to come back. kali falls, Snakes are coming towards her. Yug goes down in ditch and pushes her up. he then pushes pari up. Sattu pulls them all. Satty says we have to go back. Yug picks up Kali. Kali says I should be punished. I am that stupid. SAttu says pari why you came here. Pari says I had to save kali. This was all gauri’s trick to separate Kali. Kali says no gauri can never try to kill me. Sattu says how do you know? Kali says my heart says. She was my sister. Kali says gauri can’t do this. Pari says you are so innocent Kali. Even if you are right why Gauri sent you here? yug says I will talk to gauri. I will ask her why she did. Kali says you won’t do that. I tried to expose but did you trust me?no. how you can you investigate her now. Kali tries to walk.. Yug picks her up.

Gauri says on call he is doing dance practice with sattu. Tonight is kali’s last night. She sees yug coming in with kali. Yug takes Kali to her room. He applies medicine on her sprain. Yug says why are you crying now? Should I call doctor? Kali says I don’t care about it. pain is when you are near me still far away. Yug says I wish I could hate you. It would have been easy. Every time I trust you I am wronged. Kali says I know your situation. When brain can’t decide we should listen to heart.
Sattu says to pari are you okay? Pari says I will take care of everything you have said. Maa sabb says you did such a good deed by saving kali but next time tell us if you go anywhere. She caresses her.

Scene 2
Sharmila gives neel arti. He says we should go somewhere. Sharmila says sure. Manjiri says sharmila I found your anklet.It was in temple. Sharmila says i forgot it there I guess.Manjiri says maa ji gave you? Sharmila says yes. Manjiri says you should keep it safe. It is your family’s. Sharmila says okay. I will be careful.
Roop says to gauri you know who is coming for party? Shamita shetty. gauri says wow. Gauri says my husband and yours were saving kali and pari in jungle. Roop says pari did all that. Now see what I do with her today.
Roop says now see what I planned.

Sharmila comes in a room, manjiri coming there as well. Sharmila places a jewelry box in the closet and runs out. Sharmila hides behind a sofa. Manjiri is coming there. She drops her keys, sharmila runs. Manjiri gets a call.
The party starts. Shweta shetty dances.
Everyone enjoys her dances. pari is suddenly not feeling well. She feels like fainting. Roop smiles.

Next part in meri saasu maa’s update.

Written Update by Atiba

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