Kaala Teeka 26th July 2016 Written Update

Kaala Teeka 26th July 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kaala Teeka 26th July 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Kali says if I have to bow down to your level to save my family I will. Your poison can’t harm this family. Police comes in. Leela says she already called cops. Inspector says who is yug? Yug says I am. Inspector says there is an FIR in your name, you have to come to court. Leela says don’t do this. He didn’t do anything. We will talk. Inspector says talk in police station he has to come with us. Kali says do you have warrant? under section 65 of section B, you can’t arrest him. Inspector says we are not here to arrest him. There is a theft is the guest house he was staying in so we want to ask about that. Yug says oh I am coming with you. Rgahu says I am coming as well. They leave.
Gauri says laughs and says you people were so scared. What if I had reported and police was here with warrant and dadi ji you.. Grandson executed, and daughter in law widowed. Your pieces. Kali says don’t you dare crossing limits and these pictures? You think you can prove yug as rapist with these? Thats your mistake. Gauri says everyone will make fun of this family. Kali says stop dreaming of becoming Mrs. Gauri Yug Chaudhary you will always be Gauri Jha. Leela says wait Kali, what you want Gauri? Gauri says some of Yug’s love and for that I need entry in this house. And this time not as a servant but like a queen you know. Who will have two servants one Kali other Chulbuli. Chulbuli says maaji ask her to shut up. Leela says I accept. Gauri says thank you, you are the best. I know you really love me. We were raised in same plate I think. Gauri says oh wait. Kali and Chulbuli put my stuff in Yug’s room. I am princess here and I will live in room of prince, right? Leela says we sat you on shoulder don’t dance on head. Gauri says I not here to dance, I will celebrate here. Leela is about to slap her. Kali says leave it dadi, let her live in Yug’s room.

Scene 2
Chulbuli tells Sharmila about what happened. Sharmila says is she some witch. What will she do with him? I don’t even want to see my husband’s face and just not to go out with him I broke my leg. Neel comes there. Sharmila says I will talk to you later. Sharmila says you have started spying on me? He says I should have heard this before. I didn’t know what you think of me. Sharmila says like you don’t know reality of this relationship. He says I thought things might be okay with time. I will free you from this relationship. You won’t have to live with person you hate. Sharmila says you will divorce me? He says yes. Sharmila smiles.

Scene 3
At night, Gauri is wearing bridal dress and says this milk for my yug. She says where are you Yug? I am here. She sees Yug is not in her room. She turns back Kali is there. Kali says what happened? I am not a ghost. Gauri says where is Yug? Kali says where he should be. Gauri says what you mean? Kali says in my room. Gauri says I said yug will live with me. Kali says you said you will live in Yug’s room. Whole room is here. Give me this milk I will give it to Yug. Kali says and yes, as your servant I want to give you a suggestion, this room, this status is all temporary don’t get used to it. When you are exposed you will be on road. That’s your real place.
Kali comes to room. Yug is sitting in tension. Kali says I know you are really worried but trust me it will all be okay. Night is darkest when morning is about to rise. She holds his hand.

Next morning, Manjiri says to Leela you know what can be consequence of this. Leela says i had to choose less worse. what if she had gone to police station? My son already hates me and now this. Manjiri says but how long will this last? We have to expose her or she will destroy everything. Kali says she is right. If we are scared today we won’t be able to fight her ever. I know this is difficult for you. But we have to do this. Leela holds kali’s hand and takes her to temple. Leela says this is not just a room, this is the place where we have all our rituals. I decided a lot things here, a lot of them were not justified but God knows there was just one reason behind them. That nothing damages dignity of our house and she used that. She is damaging us all. You old mother in law apologizes you. I did so much injustice to you. Today, I say in front of God, you are the only who deserves to be daughter in law of this house. She does Kali’s arti. Leela says do whatever you want but solve this problem. She puts tilak on Kali’s forehead. Leela says will you? Kali puts her hand on dia and says I swear in the name of God, till I am alive no one can harm this family. I won’t disappoint you. I will put an end to this trauma by Gauri.
Manjiri says help Kali God.

Precap-Gauri says to Yug this is my statement that will remind you how you molested me. Yug grabbed me and closed the door. I tries to ran but Yug smashed me on the table.

Written Update by Atiba

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