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Kaala Teeka 26th April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Kalyani says see my eyes are wet. She points pistol at manjiri. Manjiri says let my daughter go, kill me. Someone is slowly fainting her men. Kalyani says I can’t compromise. Kali says enough. You ran away last time but not now. Kalynai says you speak a lot. Now speak last time. Someone snatches pistol from her. Its yug. He says I won’t take a moment to kill you. Her man comes and hits yug on head. Yug fights them. he beats them down. Manjiri says enough kalyani. This is your end. MAnjiri slaps her.

Prohit says vishwa don’t wait. She wont come.Vishwa says she will. Kali opens the door and bring kalyani roped in. She slips. Vishwa says bhabhi.. are you okay? Kali says here is the proof of my innocence. Vishwa says she is my bhabhi. Kali says she tried to murder. Vishwa says are you out of your mind? Kali says see how much he respects you and you kept fooling him. Now confess your sin. Kalyani says forgive me vishwa. I was blind because of my pain. Kali says she ruined happiness of this house. She is responsible for the 14 years you spent in jail. She tried to kill manji. Vishwa says tried? Kali nods. Kali tells him everything. She says ram ji always helps his people. See there. Manjiri comes in with yug.
Vishwa is dazed. He hugs manjiri and says you are alive. I thought you left me alone. He cries. Gauri says this is yug’s pishima. Vishwa says she is your manji ma, my wife. Police comes to arrest Kalyani.

Vishwa says prohit ji take out pooja plate. I will welcome my wife like a bride. Manjiri says not right now. You have to promise me something. vishwa says forgive me. She says I will but I know mistakes will be repeated. Until you have superstitious beliefs are there, you will make mistake. You have to apologize kali. She suffered because of this. I can’t see her sacrificing her happiness. if you want me back in your house you have to promise that you will give kali all the happiness she deserves. Vishwa says yes I promise what is her happiness? Manjiri takes yug’s hand and places it in kali’s. Manjiri says this is her happiness. Manjiri says please don’t call her kala teeka anymore. Gauri says papa what is this nonsense. Manjiri says gauri is my child too. I can’t think bad for her, but I know this is sacrifice yug is making. Yug loves kali and kali loves yug. gauri says they are all lying. manjiri caresses her face and says even if he marries you it will be a deal with no love. Try to understand. Yug says to kali tell her that you don’t love him. You are my sister. Tell me this is all lie. Kali says I.. I want your happiness. gauri says see nothing is more than me for kali. Vishwa comes to kali and asks do you love yug? Kali says I always saw yug as gauri’s husband. yug says direct answer.Do you love yug? Kali says you know how happy I am. Vishwa says yes or no? Kali says no.
Yug takes her hand and drags her to temple. He says enough.You have lied enough. Its moment of truth. you won’t lie in temple. Kali says you have a misunderstanding. There is nothing like that in my heart. He puts her hand on dia and says okay we agree. Say it while swearing to ramji. Tell them I am the one you waited years for. I can’t lie anymore. I want to make it clear that I love kali. And I always will. Kali says leave my hand. He says I will only, when you swear on ramji that you don’t love me.

Precap-Gauri locks kali with her in kitchen.Kali says I love you gauri. Gauri says if you do then drink this poison or I will. Gauri takes the poison.

Written Update by Atiba

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