Kaala Teeka 25th November 2016 Written Update

Kaala Teeka 25th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kaala Teeka 25th November 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Kali has stabbed Devri. She tries to go up but Devri holds her leg. Yug jumps in the water and throttles Devri. Kali comes out with trishun and so does Devri. Devri grasps Kali by her the trishun falls her from her hand. He dips her face in water again and again. Nandu comes and hits Devri. Devri tries to stand up but he can’t. Nandu moves his hand and devri’s head hits a rock. Nandu says brother give me hand or you will fall. Devri falls from the cliff in the waters.

Scene 2
Everyone comes home. Kali does pooja with Leela. Everyone is really happy. Manjiri gives everyone prayers. She says Yug will consider Kali his friend and Nandu you have to trust Kali. This will only bring happiness in life. Gauri says you are right I understand the importance of family. Yug says lets take a selfie.
Kali and Manjiri are playing with naina. Gauri says Yug why are you there come play with Naina. Kali says Yug why are you worried? Yug says you are a mother to be yourself. Will your love for naina abate? Kali says I might not gave her birth but she gave me feeling of being a mom. She is connected to my soul. She is my first daughter and will always be. My love for her won’t abate. Manjiri says I am sure about that. From now no one will tell Naina that Kali is her mother. Nandu and Kali will be called Naian’s parents. Gauri says you are right. Naina will call them mummy papa they are her parents.

After some months Kali runs after Naina. Sh says naina come here listen to me. Gauri picks Naina up and says she has become so active. Kali says she makes me run after her all day. Gauri says the other one is coming as well. Kali says yeah only five days. Gauri says are you nervous? Kali says yes a bit. Yug says there are so many experienced people here. Gauri ties a thread in Kali’s wrist and says dadi gave me this when naina was about to be born. A look how healthy she is. Everything will be fine. Everyone else is in temple. Gauri and Yug go for a feast. Kali says yeah you guys should go don’t worry about me. They leave.
Kali says Naina sit here I will bring you rice. When Kali comes back Naian isn’t there. Kali looks for Naina everywhere.
Naina goes out after her ball. Kali trips and her head hits the pillar. She screams. Naina is running out. Kali runs in this condition. Kalo comes on raod and says Naina stop. She runs after her. Kali screams with pain. Kali says come to mama Naina. Don’t annoy mama.
Nandu comes home with everyone and say we are here Naina. Nandu says none of them is home. Manjiri says look in backyard. Nandu says I did. Manjiri says how can Kali go alone? And where are gauri and Yug. He says you call Yug.
Manjiri calls Yug and asks is kali with them? HE says we left her home why? Nandu says she isn’t home and so isn’t naina. And the gates are open. Yug syas okay I am coming.
Yug tells Gauri. He says you should go function I will go find them. Gauri says are you mad Kali and Naina are more important lets go home.
Naina goes in the jungle. Kali says naina don’t go there. Kali can’t run anymore. She can’t see naina. Yug and Gauri look in one direction. Manjiri and Nandu look in other. They ask different people but no one has seen her. Gauri says we all should look separately.
They all look in different directions.
It gets late. Kali says Naina… She stops at a place. Kali says Naina.. She seesNainain the dark.Kali goes after her. Kali says get up lets go. They are in front of Kali kofa. Kali recalls everything happened there. Kali says in heart this was Devri’s place.

Precap-Kali is in jungle with Naina. She feels immense pain and gives birth to her child there. Some native people help her. Baba says a good soul has been born. This soul won’t be able to see his seventh year.

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