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Kaala Teeka 25th April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Vishwa says you have to do what is your responsibility. Kali says you can’t do this. After so much you still believe in superstitious? Vishwa says you came here as kala teeka. I thought that after marriage gauri wont need you and you wont be her kala teeka. But this is not written in your fate. Otherwise leela wont have demanded this. I have decided this. He goes upstairs. kali says you called me daughter then how can you do this? Vishwa locks his room. Kali says you have to answer me.

Manjiri says yug I was thinking to give something to everyone. Chulbul says this stuff? For the servant who is coming here? yug says who? Chulbul says kali, gauri’s kala teeka. I thought we would get rid of gauri but no she will come here with her kala teeka.
Servant comes and says this will be place in out house for kali. Chulbul says just arrange a mattress there only. Yug and manjiri are dazed.
Leela recalls kali. Yug comes there and says what am I listening? Leela says heard it? My decision is final. Yug says how can you do this? Leela says jha had been doing this for 20 years. Yug says that doesn’t make it right. Enough. I stay quite because I respect you. Has kali agreed? Leela says not kali her name is kaali. And who is she to say no? She has to do what jha asks. We will be her owners after marriage. Yug says enough dadi. Leela says you shout at me? For that servant. She is not even equal to my nail. No one knows her parents and caste. for her you were loud to me.Yug says I did. For the girl who cares for everyone. She would sacrifice her life. But I care for her. I love her. leela is dazed. She says what re you saying. Yug says I wont listen anything. He says yes one more thing don’t blackmail me this time. Before you do something I would. I can’t run away from truth. Chulbul hears it. he says I will always love her.

Kali recalls Manjiri saying she would come back. yug asks sharmila where is pishima? She says yes she was going out. She looked worried. What happened? Sharmila says I heard you love kali. don’t worry about me. Do what you think is right. Yug says pishimaa must be upset.
Kali comes to vishwa and says you called me daughter but never meant it. You won’t have been doing this to me. Vishwa says what you wanna say? She says what you don’t wanna hear. i did so much for you. You never knew what a father is. I kept praying that you love me like a daughter one day. It took ages to hear that word from you. Now today in a moment you reminded me my worth. Made me kala teeka again. Since childhood I always called you papa. More than a father.Today I feel like I was wrong. Vishwa says enough. Don’t tell me what a father is. Do what you fate has decided for you. you were buried. I took you out and saved you.Kali says this life? In which I have no rights? You took me out for your superstitious beliefs. You should have left me there. Vishwa says because of you I spent 14 years in jail. Kali says even that was because of your superstitious beliefs. How can a 6 years old kill the woman she loved the most.
Jha saab, this had made you blind. But not anymore. Now I will show you with proof thatI didn’t kill manji maa. Vishwa says proof?

Leela says Mukta has done all this. Chul says she is not even home. She will find a new house. Leela says snakes don’t live in nests. Better she left.
Kali is walking on road. She recalls what Vishwa said. She says you were right manji maa. Enough. Its times to clear everything. Yug is looking for manjiri. He calls kali but she is not picking up.
Vishwa says to prohit what proof was she talking about? Prohiot says she was lying and wont come back. Vishwa says she wasn’t lying. SHe will come back with a proof and I await her.
Kali takes a rickshaw some met sit with her and try to abduct her. Manjiri is running. she says I got a call that Kali is in danger. I have to go to location they provided me.
Manjiri comes and sees kali roped on a chair in jungle. Kalyani comes there with a pistol.

Precap-Manjiri says kill me but let my daughter go. Kalyani says go if you can. She laughs.

Written Update by Atiba

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