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Kaala Teeka 25th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Yug says tell me what tension you have? Sharmila says I am fine. Lets celebrate for aman. She says in heart I will celebrate avenge from Gauri jha too. Yug gets a text from Gauri I was busy I will talk to you later. He says di she just texted me. Sharmila says but she had to talk to aman? He says yes he used my number. Sharmila says then why are you so happy? Yug says I am happy for Aman.
Kali says I had to text yug. I have to convince Gauri to talk to yug. I hope my path doesn’t cross his anymore. Will I be able to stop myself? I can’t tell him the truth. I have to convince gauri.

Kalyani says to garui competition is in patna. Vishwas has said no. He said he can’t let you go far away. Gauri says I have submit the form today. Kalyani says I want you to become star so I can be proud of yourself. I tried to convince vishwa but you know how stubborn he is. Gauri says he is a gone case. Kali is overhearing all this.

Sharmila says to yug thank you.
Kali and gauri are in bus. Kali says please go back home. You haven’t told anyone. Please inform someone home. Gauri says if you have to cry like this then leave the bus. Kali says I am your kala tekka, I can’t leave you alone. Inform bady papa or you are not going. She says Kali please bring water. Kali goes out of the bus to bring water. The bus starts. Condutor asks is everyone in the bus? gauri doesn’t say anything. Kali runs after the bus, she says stop the bus I am left. She says what should I do now? I can’t leave Gauri alone. I will find another bus. I can go to patna and ask where are forms being submitted. Yug passes from there. Kali says help me God I have to reach Patna for Gauri.

Vishwa says what Patna? Kalyani says I tried to stop gauri a lot but kali was supporting her. I heard kali saying that you should go there. Kali doesn’t want Gauri to get married because after that she will be no more needed in this house.
She says why would Kali want gauri to get married. She has her black eyes on this relation.
Leela is mad. She says the girl’s family is coming. Where is yug? I told everyone to keep him home. Raghu says I don’t know. Manjiri says I don’t know either. Leela says you know everything about him. You and your sister dont want his better. Tell me where he is or I will forget that you are my son.
Vishwa says nothing can come between gauri and her fate. Gauri and yug should be one. Kali can’t do anything about it. Gauri will be free of Kali.

some thugs stop near kali. Kali is scared and starts walking. The water drops from her hands. Kali seeks help. No one is there. The thug says you can’t run away from us. Kali starts running, they run after her.
They throw a sheet at her and try to catch her. Yug sees her. He says you? Always. The thugs says who are you? He says when thugs like you think they can do anything I come in between and show them the path. He starts hitting them. He says you can’t buy and sell a girl.
Kali hugs him. He hugs her back.

Precap-Yug is dropping Kali home. He is singing the song, kali sings with him. He suddenly stops and says how you know this song?

Written Update By Atiba


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