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Kaala Teeka 24th November 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Gauri comes to kaali and says come inside with me. Kaali is quite. She says your mom loves you a lot. And bady papa loves you as well. Gauri says yes. Kaali says no one loves you. Gauri says what are you talking about. Kaali says I asked manji as well. Everyone knows the truth but no one tells me who I am. Gauri says God has all the answers.
Kaali says i temple why I have so many names. Why am I alone. Please tell me who I am.

Manjali says to vishwa kaali has asked me who she is? What has to do with this house? Who her parents are. I don’t know what to answer. Vishwa says don’t waaste my time. Manjali says someone’s time is wasting. Vishwa says she is just there to absorb all evil eyes on gauri. And what you want? to adopt her? To giver her gauri’s space. And because of her I am facing all these troubles. Handle her yourself. You don’t have childern anyway. He leaves.
Cops come home and says you have a servant kid here. Prohit says no there is nothin like that. Vishwa says how dare you to enter my house. I am not scared of anyone. Inspector says better not shout. Don’t brag about the bribe money. Either come with me or I will drag you out. Madhuri says what are you saying. JT says what are we paying for. No one ever has been arrested in this house. Vishwa says I will show you my powers. He says call minister. Inspector says Minister has sent this warrent for you. Call if you want. Prohit call. Minister doesn’t listen. Police arrests Vishwa.
JT whispers in vishwa’s ear I asked you so many times her blackness will darken everything. Gauri and kaali are shocked. They take vishwa with him. Kaali runs after the jeep.

Manjali lawyer and Prohit come to police station. they says there is nothing like that. Inspector says shut up. Vishwa says don’t dare talking to my wife like that.

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