Kaala Teeka 23rd July 2016 Written Update

Kaala Teeka 23rd July 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kaala Teeka 23rd July 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Crows come in and surround Gauri. Baba says she is black shadow. She planned all this. Gauri says what joke is this. Baba says this is called exposing. Accept your sin. Gauri says what sin? I have seen many babas like you. I am sure you added Ferisco magnet in my hair and that is why my body is black, baba says then how is your tongue black? Baba says show your tongue to everyone. Gauri says who are you to order me? Leela says i am ordering you, show the tongue. Gauri says don’t trust this fake baba. Leela shouts show me your tongue. Gauri shows, its all black. Gauri loses her voice. Gauri chews the wood and says my voice is back now. Baba says you are a liar but you are so clever. Leela says tell me how you know that wood brings voice back? Leela says why are you quite now?
Yug and Chulbuli are looking for them.
Gauri says why would I do that? Why would I try to save Kali? This tantrik is a liar and fake. He wanted to kill my sister. I asked you all not to trust this baba. The ax falls there. Real baba says you are exposed. Gauri says I know this is operated from remote control. don’t fool me because in pooja that day.. She shuts up.
Manjiri comes in and says every sinner accepts his crime by mistake. She hugs Kali. Manjiri floats the ax and says this is how it works? You should know right? She says this is the girl who was doing all this. She was stubborn to her wishes. She wants to ruin her sister’s life. Look at this girl. A sinner like her is born once in centuries. Manjiri explains everything Gauri did to leela. Manjiri says Kali knew that something was wrong but didn’t know who was doing it. But I knew Gauri is behind all this.

Kali comes towards Gauri and slaps her hard on the face. Kali says this for hurting dadi ji. She slaps her again and says this for breaking my trust. She slaps again and says this for keeping this away from me. She slaps again and says this for losing a last chance to repent. Gauri says enough. Yug comes there too. Gauri says it is not all my mistake. It is all her mistake, she points at Leela. gauri says because of her all this happened. When you and Yug were committed. I gave up but she provoked me. She promised me that Yug will be mine. She faked that wedding and wanted to prove that I am yug’s wife. she is the one who was pretending innocent.
Yug says dadi is Gauri right? Leela says you are trusting her? She is exposed that is why she is blaming me? That black shadow on me was done by her. Yug says dadi I am not a child.. I can’t be fooled. I know Gauri is right. Leela says trust me what I did.. It was for our family’s honor. It was wrong. She holds Kali’s hand and says I accept her as my daughter in law in front of everyone. Please forgive me. I am sorry Kali. Kali says no dadi please. Police comes there too. Yug says arrest them all. Police arrests baba and Gauri. Gauri turns back and says don’t think it will end so easily. I don’t give up I will come back and take revenge. Wait for me. My love has crossed all the limits. It is my madness now. You are just mine and this is Gauri’s promise. Police takes her.
Yug looks at Leela and leaves. She sits there in tears. Manjiri tries to console her.

Scene 2
Yug is sitting alone. Manjiri comes and swipes his tears. He says if you are here to take dadi’s side then please don’t. Manjiri says there are some relations you can never abandon. Yug says how will you justify what she did? Manjiri says I am not. She is repenting, she regrets what she did. Kali says please yug. Dadi is waiting for you.
Yug and Kali come home. Leela says come here stand with yug. Wife looks good next to her husband. She does their arti. Leela says I know I made a mistake, I broke your trust. But now I want to fix it. I accept her as my daughter in law in front of my Gods. Hug him in front of me. Kali hugs yug. Leela claps.

Precap-Gauri says to Kali I am a fire. People are scared of fire. A woman alone was raped my her own sister’s husband, that is what I am going to tell the world. Everyone is dazed.

Written Update by Atiba

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