Kaala Teeka 21st October 2016 Written Update

Kaala Teeka 21st October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kaala Teeka 21st October 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Mnajiri is wearing sari, Dewri is peeking in. Manjiri feels like someone is there. She draws the curtain.
Manjiri sees Naina’s black thread. she says to Kali leela might have taken it off while massaging her.
Gauri says kali is his first wife. They all care for her. Dewri comes in her room reading the mantra. Dewri says you don’t look calm what happened? Gauri says nothing. Dewri comes near her and says so this is the problem. Gauri says what? Did you read my mind. You are pissed off because they all decalred your daughter as Kali’s. I am surprised such injustice happened and you did not react. Leela comes in and says dewri you are here. Devia joti asylum’s guardian is here. Come.

The gaurdian walks in. Manjiri and Kali are looking out. Kali says he will be exposed now. Leela asks everyone to come and welcome him. Dewri goes to his room and does tap. Oil spills around and the guardian falls. He faints. Yug calls and ambulance. Everyone is dazed. He isn’t opening his eyes. Dewri comes out and says guru ji what happened to you? Open your eyes, see Dev your apprentice.
Leela says to Devri dont worry your guur ji will be okay. Manjiri says why would he be upset. He never went to that asylum and mahan ji was not his guru. He did this to him so no one can know his reality. Devri says enough. You keep accusing me. I am already upset. If you mind my presence in this house I will leave. You will feel better after that. He says to leela my days here are over. I am leaving. Nandu hugs him and says I won’t let you go. Devri says I can’t tolerate more insult. Let me go. Nandu says then I will come with you as well. Kali says wait no one will go anywhere. Manjiri says why are you doing that? You always disagree with me. Okay do whatever you people want. Devri says one more trick and then kali will be convinced.

Kali is feeding Naina. Devri does his tap. Naina throws up. She starts crying. Kali says what happened to you Naina? why are you crying?
Yug is in his room. He sees Kali coming out of washroom wiping her face. The song ‘ae dil hai mushkil’ plays in background. He comes close to her. Yug hugs her. She says I miss you Yug I love you. Its Gauri. Yug goes away. Gauri holds his hand and says don’t do this I love you. He leaves. Gauri says you took my husband and daughter from me Kali. I won’t let you live in peace.

Scene 2
Leela asks Kali did naina sleep well? Kali says yes you were worried for no reason. Yug says let me take Naina out for walk. Kali says Naina is quite because she with me and I have decided i will keep her with me till she is nto well. Manji maa agrees to that too. Yug says as you want. As long as my daughter is safe I have no issues. Gauri says enough Yug. Don’t forget Naina is my daughter not Kali’s. I gave her birth who is this Kali? Why you call her Naina’s mother. I want my Naina back. She tries to snatch Naina from Kali. Kali says you will hurt Naina. Gauri says she is my daughter its upto me whether I keep her alive or kill her. Yug says mind your language. Gauri says why dont you understand I want my baby back. Naina’s thread breaks and falls. Yug stops Gauri and says next time you tried to take naina from Kali I wont know either what I will do. Devri says because of this locket I couldn’t separate Naian from that kali.

Precap-Leela falls and screams. Yug comes and asks what happened? she dropped the arti plate. Devri says thats not a good sign. See if Naina is okay or not.

Written Update by Atiba

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