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Kaala Teeka 21st July 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Kali says the person who has been doing this will be exposed. I have this piece of cloth. Kali tries to match the piece of cloth with everyone but it doesn’t. Kali says this indicates it is someone from outside. This is not someone from house. Leela says when enemy is in the house why do we need an outsider. Give me that cloth. She matches it with Kali’s sari and it does. Leela says so it matches. Kali is dazed. Leela slaps Kali. Leela says isn’t it your cloth? Leela says what is my fate. I have this snake in my house. Kali says that’s not even possible. Leela says you are behind everything. What a gamer you are. Kali says you are getting it wrong. I am your daughter in law why would I do that? What will I get from it? I was trying to find that person. Gauri says
maybe Kali’s border got stuck in the door while stopping that person and why would she make a fuss from her own cloth? Leela says baba ji tell them how by her touching water turned red. Baba says she is right. According to my pooja, all the things that have happened in this house, this girl is behind them. She wants to destroy this house. Baba says for now lock her in some room. Kali says please listen to me dadi. Leela says its time to teach you right. Kali says I haven’t done anything. Leela drags her towards a room. Raghu tries to stop Leela. Raghu says she is our daughter in law. Leela says to Raghu you better not talk. Because of you I lost my husband. Raghu says don’t talk about past. Leela says the present is, the one you call daughter in law is a snake. Thank God baba saved me. Leela says what if something happens to Yug because of her? She is a snake. We have to crush her.
Kali says dadi please open the door.
Kali is locked in the house. She sees a rat and screams.

Yug wakes up in sleep and says I feel like Kali is calling me. I should call her. But its too late its not appropriate to call right now.
Baba says to Leela calm down now. I have solution of this problem. Leela says what? Baba says repentance. Kali’s repentance. Baba says her soul has soaked evil and a phantom has taken over her body. We have to do something to get her released from that phantom. Gauri sees Kali’s phone ringing.
Gauri picks the phone. Yug says Kali are you okay? I have been worried for you. Gauri says I am sorry. yug says where is kali? Gauri says she forgot her phone home. She has gone to market to buy pooja’s stuff. Yug says okay. Gauri turns off her phone.
Kali keeps knocking the door.
Manjiri comes home and says what pooja is going on? Leela says this for peace. We don’t need to see time for this. Manjiri says where is Kali? Leela says she is preparing for pooja with baba ji. Bijli says to baba hide, Kali’s manji maa has come. Kali hears it and starts screaming.. Kali knocks the door. Bijli turns on speakers so Manjiri doesn’t hear her. Manjiri says bhajan? Leela says yes bhajan is important. Only family members can attend this pooja that is why we didn’t tell or invite anyone. Manjiri says sorry I didn’t know. Gauri says patience Kali.. I won’t keep you locked in room, I have arranged a jail for you.
Yug looks outside there is a woman digging in his garden. He stops the woman and says who are you? She says I look after this garden. Yug says you were here yesterday? She says I came from village today. Yug says don’t lie. She shows him her ticket. She moves with her dagger towards Yug. gauri stops her and says I hope you are doing your work well. She says yes I am scaring him. Gauri gives her money and says you know what to do next.

Leela comes in Kali’s room. There are babas with her. Leela says I have decided your sacrifice. Kali says you can’t do this. I haven’t done anything. Don’t come forward, if Yug gets to know he wont leave you. Kali says please stop me. she says don’t even touch I will kill you. The babas grasps her and tie her mouth.

Precap-Kali is roped. Baba is fires the stick and says to Leela go fix your problems.

Written Update by Atiba

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