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Kaala Teeka 21st December 2015 Written Update

kaala teeka watch online

Scene 1
Devika comes home sees the idol. She says oh God what has happened. Patali laughs and says you are out finally but too late you couldn’t save simar. She is part of my side now. The part of evil side. Simar enters the house as an evil. Patali comes and says see mata rani. Your simar is my follower now. She will do my pooja from now on. Because she is part of dark side now. And she will ruin her bharadwaj family. She will do whatever I ask. Save them if you can.
Simar goes inside the temple, lights the candle and takes the arti. She turns to Patali and does her pooja.
Patali says today is the biggest milestone achieved. The same simar who killed mohini and indra, I made her part of my dark ad evil world. she reads some mantra and winds start to blow. All the doors of rooms are closed.

Patali starts dancing like witches, simar follows her. She dances with her.
Devika says I will break the idol. she bring a rod and tries to break the idol but it doesn’t break. She tries over and over again but it doesn’t break.
She brings and axe and tries with it but the idol doesn’t break.

Bharadwaj family arrives outside while simar is still doing the dance. Patali disappears. Roli says why did you asks maa and papa to stay there? Mataji says you should stay there after pooja. Lets go in.
They come in and see simar whirling and dancing. Everyone is dazed. Prem says simar.. but she doesn’t listen. Everyone is dazed. She falls down suddenly. They all run towards her. Mataji says what happened to her. they lay her on sofa.
Simar says I wanna go to devi maa. I wanna meet devi maa. Mataji say says what she means? I guess she wants to go to temple. Gaitri comes and says I have come simar. For you. Gaitri says I knew you would need me. she places her hand on simar’s head. Suddenly simar is fine. Uma says this is a miracle.

Devika says I have to tell bharadwajs. Khushi holds her hand and says no. Khushi says don’t be hasty. Devika says you cant understand. this is important for them to know. khushu says and what would they do? Devika says but we have to do something. Khushi says we are fighting against devi of evils. she is patali. She is not even a witch. We can’t even imagine what she can do.

Roli says I am really worried for didi. She has been suffering lately. Please gaitri help her out of all this. Mataji says why is this happening? Is there some reason? Gairti says devi is not happy. She is mad. Mataji says what can we do? Gaitri says we have to bring the idol simar made in this house and do its pooja. That will save simar and this house.

Precap-Simar comes downstairs in black sari everyone is dazed.

Written Update By Atiba


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