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Kaala Teeka 1st June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
A man comes in and says Ms Jha? Gauri says I am mrs. Chaudhary now. He says this letter is for you. Gauri takes it out and screams oh my God. Gauri says this is for you Kali. This is marriage registration certificate of Aryan and Kali. Gauri says this is the proof. Marriage registration happened on the day, when I and Yug got married. Can you now still say that you are yug’s wife? No. This paper proves your reality. your game is over now. I won’t bear anymore. I will get what is mine. No one can stop me now. She goes to the temple. Gauri says I will start this relation anew. By rounds. Yug will be mine for next seven lives. Don’t play another game. It is proved that you and Aryan were registered married. Gauri suddenly looks at the papers and stops. Kali says in heart I told you gauri when you look up and talk you stumble and fall. I was following you when you were plotting this. Kali says this registration is of yug and me. The day we got married. How was I registered twice on similar date? This means one of them is fake. Gauri says this is a lie. Kali says don’t dare shouting. I can shout too. And better than you. We can make a thousand proofs like these but it is useless when you don’t trust me. she leaves.

Gauri comes to Leela and says I don’t know what Kali does she gets to know about all my plots. You have to help me. I can’t lose. Do something. Leela says what should I do? You ruin everything. Remember I played this game for Yug. If I feel like you are against his happiness, I will kick you out. You might be Jha’s princess, for me you are a pawn. Do as I say from now. Or I will kick you out before Kali. gauri says sorry. Leela says get out and let me think what to do on vatsavitri.
Leela is doing pooja. She says I did so hard but couldn’t kick Kali out of Yug’s heart. I can tolerate her as my daughter in law. Servant comes to her and says its Yug’s friend’s phone. He wants to talk to you.
Mohit says Yug is not agreeing. Please convince him. I am throwing a party of all friends with their wives but yug doesn’t wanna come. Leela says Don’t worry Yug will come and with his wife. He says thank you dadi. Leela says this is all because of pooja.

Yug is packing his bag. Kali says let me do this. She fixes stuff in it. He says I have been trying it didn’t know it locks like this. He holds her hand and says thank God for you. Kali looks at him. Leela comes in and says yug I want to talk to you alone. Kali leaves. Leela says why aren’t you going to Rohit’s party? You will feel better. Introduce your wife to friends. Yug says which wife? I don’t know myself who my wife is. Leela says you answered this yourself. Gauri loves you with her heart. She suffered a lot. She will feel good. Yug says then you will send Kali as Kaala teeka. What will I tell people about her? Leela says you have to take Kali too. We don’t care about people.
Leela comes to Kali and says I have decided that you will go with yug and gauri as their kala teeka. You have to promise me though you wont play any games there. Kali says in heart will I be able to see them together but my heart knows yug is my husband. Kali says I promise I won’t do anything.
Chulbul says your own sister is your sautan. Gauri says Kali won’t go.

Neel is giving orders for the pooja. Sharmila asks what is it? He says its navgran pooja. It happens everywhere. Sharmila says who would do this before chacha ji? Neel says my papa. Then after him papa. he is the owner now. Sharmila says isn’t that your right? He says I never thought that. Sharmila says that happens in every house. I feel like.. They treat you like an outside. All they care about is their daughters. but to get gauri married they used you. He doesn’t love you the way you think. Neel says I think its about to get my rights back.

Scene 2
Next morning, Gauri says to kali what are bail leaves? Kali says yes. Gauri says dadi said they are in the room but I can’t find them. Kali says okay I will. She goes in room and looks for leaves. Gauri locks the room. Kali turns back and is shocked.

Precap-Kali says please open the door. Leela sees her later. She says what are you doing here? Did gauri do this? Kali says yug will comeback to take me. Yug asks kali for dashboard charger. She says its not here in the car. Yug says I am having so many important calls. Kali has hidden the charger home.

Written Update by Atiba

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