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Kaala Teeka 1st July 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Kali is serving breakfast, Yug tries to talk to her. Chulbul comes and says my waist, its sprained. Please apply bam. Kali says yeah sure.
Kali is in room. Yug comes and says Kali.. He gives her a button. She says I will stitch it. Yug holds her hand. They look and smile at each other. Leela comes and says what happened? Yug says button. leela says kali please talk to the dry cleaner. I will stitch his button. Yug says dadi I will another shirt. leela says okay.
Kali is in kitchen. Yug comes in. He says you don’t care about me. You are always with others. Kali says I am always with you. He says you have changed your room too. Kali says right now I with you and we are alone too. Yug comes close to her. Bijli comes in. She says let me help you Kali. Yug hides. When she leaves, yug comes out and says now she came. Kali laughs. He says you don’t care about me. Now I won’t meet you either. He leaves. Kali says I understand. I want to spend time with you too. I am daughter in law too.

Chulbul says I am so happy. After so many days I will get dressed. Leela says Yug come here. My aunt’s daughter’s daughter in law’s baby shower it is. Yug says I won’t go. Leela says you have to. Everyone will go. Yug says okay. Bijli says I am here to handle house here. Leela says who will take care of me there? Leela says Kali will take care of the house. Yug and Kali are dazed. leela says bijli doesn’t know about house.

Scene 2
Manjiri says to Vishwa why are you so worried? Our princess has realized her mistake and she wants to remorse. Vishwa says its easy for you two say because you are not her mom. You always behaved this way with her. Kali is everything for you. Nothing else matters. Manjiri says how can you say that. I love them both equally. Vishwa says if it was real you won’t be so easily seeing Gauri this way. Gauri was cleaning the temple. Anyway why would you care. You never loved Gauri. I don’t think you want her to come back. Manjiri says how can he even think that.

Leela and family reach the function. Gauri is there too in an old woman’s attire. Leela sees her. She says in heart who is this old woman? Why is she staring at me?
Kali is alone at home. She takes out Yug’s shirt and recalls him asking to stitch his button. Kali comes out. Its all dark.
Leela says I have to know who that is.
Someone puts a handkerchief on her house and shoves her on a table. Kali says who are you.. She sees its Yug. Kali says why you did this. You scared me. He turns on the lights. Its all decorated. Kali says I thought you were mad at me. he says I did that mistake once before. I won’t do this again. Kali hugs him and says I am so lucky that God gave me you. Yug says I am always luckier.

Leela is scared. She looks for that old woman. She breaks the tray of glass. Chulbul says what happened maa ji. The host asks what happened dadi? She says nothing. He says Yug has left. His car is not here either. Leela says I have to go home I am not feeling well. Apologize your mother from my side.
Leela is on her way. She says I have to stop Yug from going close to Kali. He is home for sure.
Yug gives Kali gift and says this is for you. Kali opens it, its a dress. Kali says this dress is to mod. I have never worn it before. He says that is why I brought it. You will wear this for yourself not me. Kali wears the dress.
Yug comes close to Kali. A car comes and stops outside.

Precap-Leela is coming upstairs. Yug and Kali are together. Leela comes in.

Written Update by Atiba

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