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Kaala Teeka 19th April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Leela says I wont drink of this house. Gauri wants to touch her feet. She says stay away from me. Vishwa says what happened? Leela says which of these is gauri’s kundli. How the other one came in my house? Both are of a girl and are of same age,and same pandit prohit made both of them. Difference is that one is very lucky and other is unlucky. I heard your name a lot. Vishwa says you have some misunderstanding, leela says better be it. Or I wont take a second to end this relationship. Vishwa takes it. Leela says tell me which one is. He says to kali’s this is my gauri’s. And this other one, I don’t know whose this is. Name is removed. Prohit ji makes a lot of kundlis. Leela says if thats so then i will take gauri with me. To prove truth she has to give agni pariksha.

Yug and Manjiri distribute food in temple. Yug says don’t you think this plan was unexpected by dadi. Manjiri says me too.Yug says I think she is concealing something.
Leela comes home with gauri. She makes her stand in front of coals. Vishwa says she is my princess. Leela says she is our daughter in law to be. And our daughter in laws are not scared of agni pariksha. Vishwa says try to understand. Leela says better not be loud in daughter’s in laws.
She says pandit ji starts havaan. If the kundli is hers, then fire wont harm her at all in this moment. Vishwa says how can you do this with my daughter. Leela says if yug is in her fate then who are we to stop it.
Pandit ji says only 3 minutes are left. Leela says you have time to tell the truth till then. Gauri says kali what is happening. Kali i can’t do this. Kali says please do something bady papa. you know how painful it is. Accept the truth. Mad says do something. Kali says bady papa call yug or tell her the truth. Vishwa says there is a way. Do what you have been doing. Take gauri’s place.

Chulbul says to sharmila this had to happen with her. It would be better if the relation is broken. Sharmila says in heart should I call yug or not? I can text him.
Vishwa says you have protected gauri. For me, please take her trouble on you. My princess will be burnt. Your kundli is lucky. Cover your face and walk on the coals. you have to do this. Gauri says Kali says please I cant do this. Please save my marriage. Mad says please kali.
Leela says I lost my husband but wont let anyone play with yug’s life. Vishwa says you will see my dead face if something happens to gauri. Kali says no. Vishwa says I can’t see this marriage falling. Kali says please think if leela checks my face? Another lie will be in front of her. Gauri is your princess. Dont force her to give this test for some superstitious belief and you are all quite. How can you do this? This is madness. A woman will be burnt. no matter who she is.

Precap-Leela says to Gauri its 9:20 if you dont start it till 9:21 i wont see your face again and now will yug.

Written Update by Atiba

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