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Kaala Teeka 19th November 2015 Written Update

kaala teeka watch online

Scene 1
Madhuri hugs gauri. Vishwa says we have to take Gauri to hospital. Manjali hugs gauri. She says manji nothing will happen to gauri. Manjali takes kaali out as well. JT says what have you done God.
Doctor checks gauri. Kaali says don’t worry for me. Gauri is ill she has to be taken care of. Manjali says in heart her heart is full of love. Kaali saved Gauri. Prohit says what will I say when Vishwa asks. I will say that kali was there that is why gauri was saved. Doctor says she will have flu for few days. Let her rest. She will be okay. Madhuri says this is because of your chastity. Vishwa says I have prayed all my life. JT says doctor check my neel as well. He was coughing. Neel says i am fine, there was no fire in the house. JT says you were coughing. Neel says i wasn’t. Doctor says to kaali you have bruises as well. You are so brave. Kaali says i said i will always save gauri. Manjali says if you weren’t there gauri wont be safe.

JT says to Vishwa gauri is our star. Why have you become her enemy? Vishwa says what you mean? JT says get rid of that girl. Just wonder there are so many schools, no school was reported on fire. And this kaali went to school without telling any of us. Just think. What if something had happened to Gauri. If you want Gauri’s betterment, keep this kaali out of this house. Her blackness will blacken the life of gauri.

Manjali says in temple, thank you God you saved Kaali. Kaali says you have so many powers God. Give me some powers that i can save gauri all her life and get love of bady papa as well.
Vishwa recalls what JT said.

Prohit is laughing. He suggests to anyone This can be the modest spouse and children of Jha sahab. The member inquire is there someone else who lives in your house? Prohit states in coronary heart i am confident minister has sent them. Prohit states there is absolutely no other Woman inside their dwelling other than gauri. They are saying it would have been greater if we could meet him. Prohit states he is chaotic with vacations.
Manjali suggests to JT for nowadays at least don’t say All of this. JT says everything could occur. Manjlai says kaali was there. she risked her life to save lots of Gauri. Jt states how did she conserve herself then? She saved herself only. JT says for final time i am expressing this. This kaali will spoil Gauri’s daily life. Keep her far from Gauri. nothing has happened nevertheless. Manjalu states you saw how kaali saved gauri. JT says we didn’t see something. Manjali claims see i don’t understand how she went to high school. JT suggests then how Do you realize she was in class? You were contacting her name? Kaali coms in and suggests don’t be mad at manjali. I went to highschool myself. JT claims wow you might have taught her anything. Manjali states kaali go from in this article. Don’t interfere in elders. Kaali leaves.
Manjali claims you are not understanding inner thoughts of a girl. JT states we treatment about our gauri. And we expect she’s not great for our gauri.

Minister’s Adult males are peeking in the house to find out Young ones. They see a person coming. a person states i observed a some Lady. But couldn’t simply click her Image. He calls minster and tells him.
vishwa suggests kaali will not be permitted to go out but she went to highschool. Anything could transpire. I know the way you prefer her on a regular basis. Hear another thing, for me absolutely nothing is worth in excess of gauri. Madhuri says you might be right. Gauri is critical. Kaali need to be punished.

Precap-JT makes a circle around kaali and ropes her there in sunlight. Kaali says what have i done? She says no one will come save her. Kaali’s feet are burning.

Written Update By Atiba


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