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Kaala Teeka 18th May 2016 Written Update

Yug says dress it. Kali says wait I will dress your wound. She dresses his wound. Kali says have breakfast. He says I am not hungry. Kali says I don’t mean anything to you then why don’t you eat breakfast I make. Gauri sees them together and is jealous.
Leela takes mangoes from the buyer. Leela says you should have changed the medicine. Yug does breakfast and kali serves him. Gauri says what if I consider dadi that kali is not effective now.

Sharmila says to neel you are going without breakfast? He is shocked. Neel says I am getting late. Sharmila says come have breakfast first. She serves him. Neel sees her in shock. She says I don’t know what you eat with yogurt. He says salt. She serves him. Sharmila says I made it. Sharmila says I know you are shocked. I never behaved like a wife, but now I realize it was my mistake too. I was punishing you for something you never did. Neel says thank you. I have been waiting for your pardon. Sharmila says its about time to start a new life. Neel says kali was right time is a healer.

Kali recalls all the old times and smiles. She gets a call from manjiri. Manjiri asks how are you? kali says I am good. Manjiri says I got to know about what aryan did. Thank God Yug came, Kali says everything will be okay. My ram came yesterday. I found that shagun’s cloth. manjiri says sometimes we don’t know what fate has planned for us. And don’t take is lightly. I feel like you are getting some signal. Think about something. Kali recalls her wedding and when she was taken to temple. she recalls she stamped her hands on the wall of temple. Kali says I found a clue. In the temple I stamped my hands. What if i show that to yug. Manjiri says yes you are right. he will understand that you got married to him. Kali says okay I will do that. Kali says but how will I take yug there?
Yug is leaving kali asks where are you going yug? He says office. Kali says I have to go to temple can you drop me? Gauri says yes kala teeka with him would be effective. Kali says can I go dadi its important. Leela says don’t try to be clever. Dadi says take her yug. Kali says gauri is planning something that is why she is sending me with yug.
Yug says this way.. Kali says goes to kuldevi temple? How would I know when I never came here? I came here on wedding night. Come with me I stamped my hands on this wall when I came here after wedding. There are no hands stamps on the wall. Kali is shocked. Yug leaves in anger. Yug says enough. That was your last chance. I told you its not easy for me because I loved you.
i don’t love you anymore so stop it. Kali says did you ever think why I need to prove my innocence? Yug says yes that is what I am saying this is not needed. Kali says you loved me then why don’t you trust me. Yug says you broke my trust. I trusted you and you lied to me. You said your voice is gauir’s and said you never met me in childhood.Kali says I love you and thats truth. Yug says its too late for that and leaves.
Kali says perhaps your never loved me enough. He says after being betrayed I hated myself. Kali says seeing my husband with another woman is not less than hell. Yug says enough you deserve this. I just wanted the girl I loved. But life became so complicated that she will live in my house but not as my wife. Kali says you are not the only victim. We are both suffering. Please trust me. We need each other to ruin their plan. Yug says I don’t need you. Its better. I have learned how to compromise. Kali says please stop yug. A car comes and hits him. Kali screams yug… Yug falls from the cliff. Kali stands there in shock. she runs towards him. Kali screams and cries.

Precap-Kali sees yug’s hand on a stone. He tries to come up.Kali comes down to save him. She says give me your hand. his hand slips.

Written Update by Atiba

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